What debt of gratitude do I owe to John Paul II?


Editorial board of 'Niedziela'

Almost one year ago we created a book of condolence on our webpage, giving our readers the chance of saying their grief, pain and reflections connected with the passing away of the Holy Father John Paul II. Some opinions were put into our pages. After we had closed the book the stream of cordial words did not stop. Almost every day we receive letters that are full of reflections, recollections as well as poems full of grief that still fills our hearts.
By perspective of time we see better how much the Church, the world and each of us owe to the Pope, who was called from a distant country to the See of Peter. Currently, on the 1st anniversary of the death of John Paul II, we want to give you another chance to present your feelings and reflections connected with John Paul II. And we are opening a book of recollections and gratitude and ask you to share your impressions: What debt of gratitude do I owe to John Paul II? What influence did the Polish Pope have on my life? The address is: JPII.niedziela.pl
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"Niedziela" 13/2006

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