Poles prepare for the beatification of John Paul II

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In May we recollect the first visit of John Paul II to his Homeland in 1979

Due to the tragedy at Smolensk the organisers of ‘Novena before the beatification’, i.e. spiritual preparations to the beatification of John Paul II, decided to postpone the beginning of this great national prayer to the second Sunday of May 2010 (originally it was to begin on the second Sunday of April). In April ‘Niedziela’ (issue 15/2010) as well as other weeklies published articles concerning the first pilgrimage of John Paul II to Poland in 1979 within the framework of the first part of the novena. According to the concept of the organisers the contents of the papal speeches from this pilgrimage should be inspiration to get to know the teaching of John Paul II better. As the beginning of the novena was postponed the media will reflect on the speeches during the week commencing on 9 May. Then you can read the 15th issue of ‘Niedziela’, which published the materials concerning the pilgrimage of 1979. On the second Sunday of June the texts concerning the second papal pilgrimage in 1983 will be published in the press and discussed on the radio and TV.
The novena before the beatification is a joint project of many media and the Church. Every second Sunday will be a day of recollecting the papal pilgrimages to his Homeland. This widely publicised action is to be the introduction to the pastoral week after each Sunday during which parishes, communities in the Church, Catholic movements and organisations will promote the topic and prepare working programmes. The culmination of the project is planned on the Papal Day with its motto, ‘John Paul II – Courage of Holiness’. Rev. Msgr. Jan Drob, the President of the New Millennium Work Foundation, explains that this project is realised apart from the expected decision of the Holy See concerning the inclusion of the Polish Pope to the circle of saints and blessed. As a nation we want to prepare well for that decision. It may happen that the date will be announced suddenly and we will have no time for deep spiritual retreats and this is the aim of the proposal. The New Millennium Work Foundation of the Polish Bishops’ Conference co-ordinates the whole project.

"Niedziela" 17/2010

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