How to experience well the beatification of John Paul II

Agnieszka Konik-Korn

Another week makes us approach the beatification of John Paul II. We recollect the teachings of the Great Pope. We recollect the testimony of his life that from his childhood was rooted in the Living God... Now when the beatification is at hand it is worth asking oneself how to experience this day so that not to lose anything important. How to define one’s priorities when one is awaiting this very important moment? Some suggestions are given by the John Paul II Centre ‘Do Not Be Afraid!’ that is initiating a new prayer movement ‘Adoremus.’ The movement aims at spreading the adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Prayer preceded all activities of Pope John Paul II – it was the foundation of his life. The initiators of the movement encourage us to these personal encounters with the Eucharistic Jesus. The main assumption is to enter systematic adorations of the Blessed Sacrament. All those who want to deepen their relationships with the Lord must make responsible decisions to have at least 15 minute adoration every week. As Fr Stanislaw Szczepaniec, the co-ordinator of the movement, stresses those who taste these personal encounters with Lord Jesus will not be satisfied with one quarter prayers. However, he adds that such decisions require profound considerations whether we will abide in these resolutions.
We can find some suggestions and testimonies concerning ways of adoring Christ and deepening our relationships with him as well as how to prepare spiritually to the day of John Paul II’s beatification at the website: The beautification will be the day of the official start of the movement in question. One can also say that it will be one of the spiritual fruits of the beatification of the Polish Pope. And we should care most for the spiritual and not the material fruits of this event. The website will also give us suggestions of things to focus on in our personal preparations for the beatification. The sisters from the Gospel Martha and Mary can be our models. The thing is that we should choose ‘the better part’ without neglecting our daily obligations.

"Niedziela" 16/2011

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