In the atmosphere of awaiting


Helping believers become holy belongs to pastoral ministry of the Church. One important form of this ministry is a retreat. Although no Church commandment speaks about the obligation to participate in an Advent retreat people are encouraged to enrich their spiritual lives in this way. I think Advent retreats are very common in Poland nowadays, although I remember there was one period, after the war, without Advent retreats in Polish parishes. Some priests who were more pious than others introduced single days of Advent reflections. Today there is no need to convince anyone of this effective form of preparation before important religious events. The faithful go into retreat willingly. Therefore, when we observe parish life in our dioceses we notice that an Advent retreat is a norm. Priests invite retreat givers and preachers, and help believers find time for reflection and the sacrament of penance and reconciliation so that Lord Jesus, who was born in the Bethlehem manger, is born in human hearts as well.
Ideologically speaking it is very important to experience this beautiful awaiting Lord Jesus before Christmas. The Sundays of Advent are filled with God's Word, preparing us for the coming of the Messiah, and in Poland Advent is connected with early morning Mass (the so-called Roraty), i.e. Mass to worship the Blessed Mother. This creates certain specific family atmosphere, which causes that the entire family feels the need to prepare for Christmas. Advent pastoral ministry, the ministry that is of Marian character, also has a soteriological dimension, i.e. it prepares people to receive salvation, which is brought by Jesus, God Man whose human nature is so clearly showed in Christmas celebrations.
The feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary is beautifully suited in Advent preparation before Christmas. Poland celebrates this feast, which was made popular by St Maximilian Kolbe, great worshipper of the Blessed Mother, not to mention the Servant of God Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, who organised Marian ministry with a lot of determination.
The Holy Father John Paul II stresses the role of Mary in the work of man's sanctification. He knows this is the simplest way to Lord God.

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