Dear Readers of 'Niedziela',

The end of the year makes one reflect and sum up as well as draw up future plans, even very general ones. There are many matters, which make us sad and anxious. We are concerned that so many people oppose the Decalogue. We know that many of them declare to be atheists, non-believers. But there should be some moral culture, which is obligatory for all people, especially those who are responsible for the state and nation. How much are we terrified by the attitude of numerous politicians towards all things referring to the right of property. How much do we regret to hear the news that many Poles have hurt their brothers. We notice the present unemployment, poverty and many a time misery of numerous unhappy, helpless, but at the same time honest and righteous people. One must say openly that it was the fellow Poles who have caused that. They could not see that theft in public life means great injustice done to particular families. Let us take all this into consideration when we sit at the Christmas Eve table. This is pain of pains that we are to make Christmas wishes in such a situation.
We would like you to know that we are with you in your troubles, trying to reveal evil, show positive examples, which we need so badly, and connect all those who can help with those who need that help. Certainly, we could easily omit some subjects and leave wrongdoers in peace. I sometimes hear that we should write about many issues in a more positive way, giving hope to people. It is true, we need this hope. However, it cannot be only a pipe dream. We must build hope here on earth, leaving final decisions to Lord God. Hence, trying to show positive aspects in our paper, at the same time - in the name of the truth - we cannot stop writing about difficult matters, omitting facts. They are of social character - political, economic, and cultural - therefore, a pastoral and religious character. If someone observes 'Niedziela', he can see all these aspects on its pages. We must be aware that such difficult and controversial themes do not win us friends. Many people evaluate such articles in a negative way. However, I think that we should keep up this line - in the name of good, truth and love for God and our country.
We are aware that 'Niedziela', as a periodical with a large circulation, must present news in a reliable way. We use the knowledge of people competent in their fields. We analyse many problems prayerfully, and our editors show concern about each sentence so that it expresses their thoughts completely. Naturally, we use the suggestions of our Readers, from our abundant correspondence. We are not conditioned by international concerns. We are free and independent of the pressure of political parties. Therefore, 'Niedziela' presents authentic materials, which are important to contemporary Poland and Poles. We want to be an objective paper; we wish to present the widest possible circle of readers the Catholic social teaching, which orders the life of community.
'Niedziela' contains many interesting texts about important matters of the Church, our nation or the world. They are often texts, which our correspondents send and which try to present problems globally. Readers can get a lot of important information that will enrich their knowledge about global phenomena.
We also cover subjects related to our everyday life. They do not only refer to spirituality but also to law, pedagogy and household. We try to be a Polish family oriented paper. However, our main tasks are matters concerning religious life, help for Polish parishes and their priests. We often ask experienced priests to share about concrete themes, and the pastoral ideas of Polish bishops are not alien to us. It is with joy that we hear we meet the needs of the Polish Church.
Seeing an increase in poverty it is hard to speak about a rise in prices. Nevertheless, the cost of publishing has increased to such an extent that it is necessary to raise the price. We have been taking this decision for a long time but there is no other solution. Next year we are forced to raise the price of 'Niedziela' to 3.20 PLN. We ask you to understand us. We do not want any profit but to stay on the publishing market in Poland. After all, this is the matter that we, Catholics, have pursued so much and which determines our freedom.
And with this difficult reflection I appeal to the Readers of 'Niedziela' at Christmas 2004 and the New Anno Domini 2005. I would like 'Niedziela' to continue in a normal way. I trust it will be so.

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