Defending Fr Drozdek


The matter, which shocked many environments in Poland, was that Fr Miroslaw Drozdek, custodian of the Sanctuary of our Lady of Fatima at Krzeptowki, was accused of having collaborated with the secret services as a secret collaborator. I spoke to Fr Drozdek who was in Fatima and I found him calm and sure of his innocence - he has never been a secret collaborator. I am convinced he tells the truth.
I have known Fr Miroslaw Drozdek for many years and I know his extraordinary zeal, piety and love for the Holy Father John Paul II. He embarked on a wonderful work, votive in thanks for saving John Paul II's life - the Sanctuary of our Lady of Fatima. I was preaching in this beautiful shrine many times and at the same time I witnessed to the extraordinary zeal of the custodian. I have no doubts that Fr Miroslaw Drozdek is a man beyond any suspicions of collaboration and I know he would have never agreed to collaborate with the secret services in any way.
I remember the case of Fr Konrad Hejmo who served Polish pilgrims in Rome and who was truly devoted to the Holy Father John Paul II, and who was also told to be a secret collaborator. I think that such information should be thoroughly checked. For it is easy to discredit people. One can say that the communist secret services are taking their vengeance from beyond the grave on those who looked upon them with disapproval. One should think over these matters very carefully in order to protect the good name of righteous people who have done so much for the Church.
Coming back to the case of Fr Miroslaw Drozdek. It was him that made crowds of pilgrims come to the church of our Lady of Fatima at Krzeptowki, Zakopane, and they pray there. And this could be the reason why someone wants to destroy the reputation of the man who initiated this prayer.
Naturally, it is possible to show many fragments in the acts of the secret police but we should remember that we as if first believe the words of the officer directed to his superior. And he could have had his own reasons, his business in that, for example he could have wanted to show off to his boss that he had talked to people, that he had got some information. I read some of these reports and I can see that they contain ordinary news that the whole world knew about. While talking to a secret police officer many people did not think of hiding certain news that all people were talking about and which was not a secret. If one wanted to get a passport one had to go for such an interview. These were ordinary conversations with the officials of the communist country and nobody knew that they were recorded and detailed reports were made. The interlocutor was not aware of that and he did not sign any report.
One should be very cautious about what to believe because if one thinks that one must catch somebody lying, that one must discredit somebody he will do it. As a matter of fact, in the case of Fr Drozdek the former officer of the secret services himself stated that Fr Miroslaw Drozdek was not an agent and he did not inform the secret police. His statement is very important in this case.
Taking into account the whole difficult career of Fr Drozdek, his zealous way, we should hold him in high respect. In the contemporary world that wants to destroy many people's reputation one must be very cautious about undertaking various activities and things. I hope that Fr Drozdek will sue 'Tygodnik Podhalanski' to clear himself off, and the slander case will be dismissed. This is the best way to declare he is not guilty. I am personally convinced that Fr Miroslaw Drozdek is a man of impeccable reputation and all the time he served the Church and John Paul II with great devotion, and he has also served the faithful who come to the Sanctuary at Krzeptowki.
We shall see who will be the next victim of the secret police lists.

"Niedziela" 9/2006

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