We all read Sacred Scripture


In 2008 the Bishops' Synod in Rome will be dedicated to the Bible. This is an important event in the life of the Church and we are very glad that the theme of the Synod is going to be Sacred Scripture. It will certainly be serious studies on the Sacred Books and an occasion to reflect on this theme. Since the Bible is the fundamental book for Christians. It is the book of God's Revelation, revelation of God's truths. It is the source of our teaching about God and man. Sacred Scripture is the book that Christians based their lives on and the book that they always have. It is the book of Christian families. It consists of the Old Testament and the New Testament. How rich is the content of the OT books! The Old Testament is an extraordinary basis to reflect on God the Creator; on God who is interested in man and who, as Sacred Scripture often says, is jealous, i.e. he wants man to love him and live for him. How beautiful and meaningful are the Psalms that using poetical language speak about God and his relationship with man. The same can be said about the Proverbs and the Book of Wisdom. The Old Testament books tell man how to live, how to go to God as a person and individual living in society. This is also the history of Israel, the chosen nation that was entrusted with the mission to transmit the faith in one God, monotheistic faith, to all mankind.
And we have the New Testament, connected to Jesus Christ who brings the Good News about God, his inner life. Jesus, the Person of the Word, the Second Person of the Trinity, gives the foundation for Christian theology through the revelation of the living God who is love.
Both Testaments complement each other, showing man the sense and way to Lord God. A believer knows that the Bible shows the fulfilment of his life, his aim. Since Lord God fulfils his promises through Jesus Christ who is God-Man, the Saviour of the world.
Christians cannot say they do not know the Sacred Scriptures. They should read it and reflect on it anew. Therefore, on 27 May 2007 we are starting printing the NT books in every issue of 'Niedziela'. The first book will be the Gospel according to St Luke, which gives rich information about the Blessed Mother of God. We hope that our initiative will be cordially accepted. The price of 'Niedziela' with the Gospel will be 5 zloty. So we can buy this Gospel, in a pocket edition, for only 1.80 zloty. The price of the Gospel in a separate format will be higher. I encourage you to create a good climate for the books of Sacred Scripture that should reach as many readers as possible. In June we will print the Acts of the Apostles and the next books will appear to the end of the year.
I think that many of us, who have already got to know the revealed word, will open our eyes and hearts to the teaching of Christ, especially that it will appear in a slightly different version. It will be the translation by Bishop Kazimierz Romaniuk (the so-called Biblia warszawsko-praska).
Dear Readers, please receive Sacred Scripture to your families. I ask you to help us distribute it. Let us try to fulfil the important mission of the Church that makes efforts for the salvation of mankind. May the New Testament be your guest every month.

"Niedziela" 20/2007

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