She won the most important medal


Agata Mroz-Olszewska, our talented sportswoman who had won gold medals in many international matches, died. We remember her from television broadcasts, full of joy and hope; we remember her smiling. On 22 May 2008, on the feast of Corpus Christi, she had a bone marrow transplant, and quite recently, on 4 April 2008, her daughter was born. Whole Poland was interested in the health condition of this brave girl. We wholeheartedly wished her strength and she was looking forward to seeing her daughter after the transplant had been accepted.

We are deeply moved by her death. However, our reflection leads to faith without which we would fall into terrible dark despair. One must know that man has been created by God to his image and likeness, and man is destined to eternity. Lately we have reflected on this in ‘Niedziela’ and such reflections, especially in these situations, seem to be extremely useful. We know one thing: Agata Mroz passed away to God. She passed away being aware that even a very difficult situation one must obey God’s commandments, including ‘You shall not kill!’ This commandment is inscribed in human nature, especially in woman’s nature as in her inner part she cannot agree to kill any living human being. Therefore, we have an example of a young Polish woman who interpreted the mystery of life with great faith and understanding when she decided to have a baby in a very unfavourable situation. Let me remind you of St Gianna Beretta Molla, an Italian saint, who being a doctor, and thus having sufficient knowledge about the effects of her disease in bearing a child, did not decide to kill it. Today we worship her as a saint and her daughter whom Gianna gave life worships her, too. In spite of great pain we can boast of the fact that there are holy women among Polish women since we should certainly see Agata Mroz as a saint. Being aware of her motherhood she subordinated her life to this aim. She also witnessed to faith, giving up her future into God’s hands. This is so simple but it requires such heroism, inner maturity and love for God! The example of Agata Mroz calls to Polish mothers, fathers and our families. Today we often hear about beating, abusing and even killing children. And she is our wonderful compatriot who said ‘no!’ to her child’s death. Because we should love children. We should love people as Jesus loved them and he even gave his life for them when needed. Therefore, today, in the time of sorrow and mourning, I want to turn your attention to the fact that our Polish Christianity, which has undergone various influences recently, has gained a new patron – a young mother, wife, and a sportsman with glorious future, who knowing whole joy of life did not choose herself but submitted her fate and the fate of her family to God whose plans cannot be grasped. We trust that he will support Agata’s husband in his father’s efforts and she herself will help him from heaven. May she be the guardian of this new life. May Agata Mroz give courage to women to conceive life and love their conceived children. May she strengthen and give endurance to all those who have the spirit of loving people, who make spiritual adoptions. May she inspire them to do their best. Great people are important in our lives but the most important ones are people like Agata Mroz – humble heroes whose lives testify to their faith in God, testify to their humanity, which God has raised so high. This woman won the most important and most beautiful medal – medal of life. Today we should congratulate Poland for that.

"Niedziela" 24/2008

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