Our hearts for Father Jerzy


The oldest Pauline father Rev. Dr. Jerzy Tomzinski is 90 years old. He is a legend of Jasna Gora, a living chronicle of the most important events in the Church in the past century; he has collaborated with ‘Niedziela’ for numerous years. Those who know him well know that he is a man of fervent prayer and humility but at the same time he is a charming monk, witty, friendly to all people, good and warm-hearted. Fr Jerzy has taken root in Jasna Gora and become its characteristic sign. Full of love for Our Lady of Jasna Gora he often confesses this love with childlike joy and confidence. At the same time he is a man of the media. Journalists liked coming to him when he was the General of the Pauline Order, the prior or spokesman to hear his comments on the events concerning the life of the Church and the monastery. Today they also come to him. ‘Niedziela’ has published the press correspondence of Fr Jerzy and his numerous articles for several years. We still make interviews with him as well as radio and television talks. Fr Jerzy, rooted in Jasna Gora and Czestochowa, was in great friendship with the Primate of the Millennium Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, being always at his disposal. The Primate trusted him very much, for example when he was imprisoned in Komancza Fr Jerzy managed to go there and told him about the situation as well as he took Wyszynski’s orders.
Fr Jerzy has always connected what is divine and what is human in a unique way. That’s why he had received the majority of voices of his fellow brothers to be the prior of Jasna Gora. He held this function for three terms and he was the general for two terms. He is very well educated. He finished studies in canon law in Rome and Italian is his second language. He has witnessed many important events. Many a time he contributed to the decisions concerning the life of the Church and the nation. He eagerly shared his experiences and thoughts. He initiated many big pastoral actions of the Church. It was Fr Jerzy that began the national prayer for releasing the interned Cardinal Wyszynski. He also contributed to the tradition of the Jasna Gora appeal. We also owe the peregrination of the copy of the Picture of our Lady of Jasna Gora to him. Fr Jerzy played the main role in preparing and celebrating the Millennium of the Baptism of Poland and the VI World Youth Day at Jasna Gora in 1991. He is the last living father of the Second Vatican Council. Moreover, Fr Jerzy Tomzinski is a man-sign of ‘Niedziela’. In 1981 Bishop Stefan Barela of Czestochowa appointed him to the first editorial board. He represented Jasna Gora. His systematic presence in the editorial board, his correspondence with readers made him closely connected with our team and we have made very cordial friends with him. We welcomed him with joy when he came to us and we listened to his colourful, often behind-the-scenes, stories from the life of the Church. When he was appointed prior he had to give up his function as the Jasna Gora spokesman and editor of ‘Niedziela.’ Afterwards, when his term ended he returned to us and worked with his former passion. Today we more frequently meet him at Jasna Gora but he is always open to ‘Niedziela’, blessing our editorial work. He is cordial and friendly for us. He keeps saying that he is at our disposal. It is with real joy that we make wishes to this wonderful Pauline father, an editor of ‘Niedziela’, on the occasion of his 90th birthday.

"Niedziela" 49/2008

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