This death called for Katyn


All Poles are experiencing this tragedy very much, the crash of the governmental plane with the President of the Republic of Poland and delegation aboard. All people are suffering and experiencing pain. Nobody would have expected such misfortunate. The news has reached the whole world. It is a tragedy for the country, the state and whole nation. They were first-class people, most of them deeply believed in God.
Poland has been shaken. Although the crash occurred not far from Katyn it is an earthquake in Poland. The grave in Katyn opened again to speak about the hidden truth concerning the genocide of the Polish intelligence conducted 70 years ago. Perhaps today the world will open its eyes and ears to Katyn, to this big harm done to Poland and Poles.
One should say that the world and Europe closed their eyes to this fact and did not draw any conclusions. The tragedy that we are experiencing today has reminded all people of the horrible truth of Katyn, the great disaster of mankind and of man. It was not any group or party that decided to murder Poles, the innocent people. It was the representatives of the official communist Russian government that signed that cruel death sentence. We also feel the pain of the consequence of the Katyn massacre – the lies concerning Katyn that continued for so many years and the fact that, unfortunately, some Poles guarded the lies about Katyn and did not allow people to get to know the truth about Katyn. We feel the pain that the present Russian government cannot recognise what happened as genocide although it is so obvious.
Perhaps it was the reason why President Lech Kaczynski wanted so much to honour his Countrymen who had been shot in Katyn and other sites of the massacre 70 years ago. That’s why he took the decision to go with his wife to Katyn on 10 April 2010, together with an official delegation. Numerous wonderful people, whose social-political involvements we knew, whom we knew personally, were on the plane. They were true patriots for whom Poland had a special meaning, who lived for the Homeland. And this great disaster happened...
We are listening to all news. We want to hear the details of the commentaries and we are wondering that today one can speak so well and beautifully about President Kaczynski, that the TV stations can show such beautiful pictures of him and that the press can publish such nice photos – that there are such photographs. And we think that many journalists should examine their consciences looking at their attitudes, their objectivism of their jobs as journalists. Since, unfortunately, so many of them did make fun of the President of the Republic of Poland. For almost the whole year the media acted against Lech Kaczynski or the party he supported. It might have been because of the media and journalists that the Polish government did not buy a modern plane so that the Head of the State and people who serve the homeland could travel safely. Since many journalists played the role of vultures that wait to strike and destroy. It is clear today that many matters were falsified or even especially prepared by the media aiming at showing the reality they wanted. Today Poland is experiencing an earthquake. People lack words, tears are shed, pain pierces the breast. But deep in the heart there is fear what is going to happen with our country, what is going to happen with us. So many people will not tell the truth, will not warn us and make us aware of mistakes! Now we need open wide our eyes to Poland and ask what we should go with to the future of our common Homeland. The tragedy of 10 April 2010 obliges us to shout, ‘Wake up, Poland, shake off the horrible dream and look at your roots that are Christian, and revive your strength so that we will not abandon the cross and the Gospel, so that we will keep the Polish tradition and patriotism. Those who passed away, together with the President of the Republic of Poland, gave us support and hope that they would guard the Christian and Polish values. We trust that there are more such people in Poland, that there will be new Polish politicians that will defend the Polish reason of state as well as the cross and Gospel that are rooted in our history.
May God show us his mercy...

"Niedziela" 16/2010

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