Let us not allow anyone to mock at Poles!


We were looking forward to the MAK report concerning the investigation of the Smolensk plane crash, the biggest crash of the several dozen years, the biggest one in the history of our Homeland. We waited for the opinions of the Russian experts on the crash itself and the circumstances that would show the causes of this horrible accident and those who were to be blamed for fundamental negligence. And here we have Russia’s representatives whom the Polish government had entrusted the investigation and who fully blamed the Poles: the pilots and other important people who according to the experts exerted pressure on the pilots. We were even informed that the Commander of the Polish Air Forces General Blasik had a small amount of alcohol in his blood although it is known that he did not pilot the plane. After hearing this opinion of the Russian ‘specialists in plane crashes and accidents’ the public opinion in Poland boiled over. The question arises, ‘Why were only the Poles blamed?’ We still remember the pictures of the miserable conditions of the airport in Smolensk, with few air traffic controllers; we got to know the experts’ opinions concerning flights. And it turns out that only Poles are blamed…From the beginning we were surprised by the decisions of Prime Minister Tusk and other authorities that allowed the Russians to investigate the crash. After nine months we have received a document that is completely dissatisfying. Many ask about the legal and technical aspects of the investigation as well as the moral aspect. They will be more opinions and expertises concerning the details, including the ones mentioned in the report. It is also essential that the Polish observations and comments were not fully included in the report.
Conclusions should be drawn. First of all, as Poles we should love our nation and Homeland. One cannot prefer the Polish-Russian friendship to love of one’s country. The Russians’ attitude is clear and obvious. They respect themselves and care for their own greatness. Whereas the behaviour of the Polish authorities towards the Russian government was – unfortunately, one should say it – similar to the attitude shown during the times of the Polish People’s Republic when full subordination to the communist Kremlin had been compulsory. Why are we not trying to do anything to defend Poland’s and Poles’ good name today when we are an independent nation? Why don’t we defend the Polish pilots? One should admit that the Russians used perfectly the situation the Polish government created for them. And we were practically helpless, without any arguments since Russia took everything or we ourselves gave them all arguments.
Our tragedy is even bigger because we are not respected as we do not respect ourselves. Another reason for that is that we show such a strong aversion or even hatred for one another. This hatred followed President Kaczynski as a storm and it destroyed him. He was disregarded by the high ranking officials of the Polish state; he was mocked and imputed by many MPs, media people and by the public opinion formed by them. This hatred is still indicated in many statements of politicians, especially those of the opposite options. Cynicism prevails in journalists’ circles, many radio and television stations as well as press titles. One should keep appealing for love of the truth, honesty and reliability, examination of conscience of those who can provide numerous financial possibilities.
Today one should ask those who are responsible for Poland, ‘If we follow this course what will happen with us in 30 or 50 years? If we remain indifferent to the fate of our Homeland and nation, for example the young people leaving Poland will forget about their duties towards the country of their births, and those who staying in the country are passive, apathetic and transformed, what will happen with this country?
Many people called the MAK report an ordinary mockery. That’s why we appeal to all Poles: let us not allow anyone to mock at Poland! Let us respect one another. Let us not allow such people as Tomasz Gross to build a mythology against the Polish nation. Since we have many testimonies about heroic Poles who died for the Jews but this man is slandering our nation and denying its heroism, which this tormented land showed…
Approaching the beatification of John Paul II let us remember these words and let them be some awakening. And let us respect what is ours, what Poland is. Do not believe it is a case of xenophobia. Each nation has the obligation to care for their national good. And the Servant of God John Paul II taught us that in a unique way.

"Niedziela" 4/2011

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