‘Niedziela’ for young people


Since several days, i.e. 3 April 2011, our insert ‘Niedziela Liturgiczna’ [Liturgical Sunday] has had a new title – ‘Niedziela Mlodych’ [Sunday of Young People]. We actually would like to gain new young Readers. We observe periodicals for young people and observe the Polish youth. We know that only few of them read books. It is true that young people satisfy their hunger for knowledge in the Internet but they do not pay enough attention to seeking the truth and the spiritual aspect of life. And in fact it is the truth that has power and strength to arrange one’s life and make it understandable and sensible.
That’s why we would like to make people desire the truth. For us, Christians, the matter of God’s truth, which flows from faith, is especially important. Consequently, the liturgical part of our insert is an important part of our ‘Niedziela Mlodych’ since the truth included in the Holy Scriptures is the foundation of our everyday life and the knowledge of the Eucharistic texts is to make us aware of God’s message for the near future. There is no better word than the word of God directed to all believers.
Many young people, for example altar-boys, members of church choirs, young people involved in the Catholic Youth Movement or the oasis groups or other movements, those going to gymnasia, grammar schools and universities, use various liturgical guides. ‘Niedziela Mlodych’ also wants to be such a guide in the religious lives of young people. We have entrusted this part of the insert to Fr Marek Chrzanowski, a priest of spiritual depth. We will also ask other experienced chaplains of young people to write about guidelines for spiritual life.
We will promote religious life and warn people against neglecting it because it means neglecting God and losing great wonderful reality, which God created for man.
An essential element of ‘Niedziela Mlodych’ is a letter to young people, whose author is ‘Brother Azarias’ as all of you have noticed. He is a biblical figure, Tobit's guide, someone who is an angel and friend. In every issue Brother Azarias will accompany a young person and try to look at his problems as it happens in major seminaries or congregations where there are people who help young people deepen their religious lives, work on their characters and growths, on building their humanity. It is the idea of ‘Niedziela Mlodych’ – to help man shape his wonderful personality and help him in his spiritual growth. It is time to do it in his youth. Later there is not much time and energy to work on it. We react seeing what it is already in us. That’s why one should ‘immerse’ in God’s wisdom and form good habits from the beginning. Having these intentions we are coming to you, Young Friends.
I hope that the old: parents, grandparents, the dearest ones and friends, who will read our ‘Niedziela’ give its insert to young people. But it is also spiritual food for you, Dear Older Readers of ‘Niedziela.’ Please accept our proposal, published on the anniversary of passing away of the Servant of God John Paul II who loved young people so much, who whispered in the last moments of his life, ‘I was looking for you and now you have come to me…’ And I ask you to experience deeply the beatification of this Pope. Let us come to him and listen to his teachings.
I would also like to turn your attention to the contest connected with the person of John Paul II and his beatification, which we have announced in ‘Niedziela.’ Its title is ‘What is the most important thing?’ This question is to mobilise our Readers to reflect on the life and message of John Paul II, on what is ‘the dearest treasure of next generations.’ I encourage you to take part in the contest and read ‘Niedziela Mlodych’ every week.

"Niedziela" 14/2011

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