It is not far to the eternity from here


I have mentioned recently on the pages of our Catholic weekly about the cases of March 1968 when students were treated with tear gas by police on Krakowskie Przedmieście in Warsaw. And they were burning ‘The Tribune of the People’ on the stairs of the Church of St. Cross, shouting that the press tells lies. These shouts went through whole Poland later because the communist press really told lies. Luckily, today bullets are not thrown into churches or tear gas is not used against young people any more but we can ask a question: what kind of press do we have, what kind of media do we have? In the recent weeks we have observed a campaign against the Church which was organized by the Movement of Palikot; an unexpected, hostile, aggressive campaign. In the peaceful country where the majority are the Catholics, this action was strongly supported by media. There were, among the others, accusations transmitted by radio that the Church and priests do not pay taxes. Many people are even surprised that Polish Episcopate Conference has not written any statement in this matter, which would be read from pulpits in the country, that in Polish media, especially on TV there is a place for lies.
Therefore, I resign from watching TV more often, expecting the time when it will not emit mendacious materials any more which are characterized by aggression, especially ones directed against the Church. It is surprising that journalists who are definitely the Catholic majority - who will share the wafer with their relatives shortly – take part in this procedure and cause watching programs of different kinds of provenance among opinion-creating environments.
We often think in the editorial office what we can do to enliven the faith. Of course, it is not only about editing ‘Niedziela’ – although here we are also planning some changes – but about specific actions of the Catholics intending to deepen our faith, religious awareness, more lively participation in the life of parishes, dioceses and responsibility in families. Because although we live in this world, dealing with many difficulties, we must be aware of the fact that every day brings us closer to God and we all are going towards the eternity. What it will be like depends on us. It is written: ‘Nor eye has seen, no ear has heard, nor heart of man conceived, what great things God has prepared for those who love Him’ (cf. 1Cor 2,9). And Christ gives His believers a promise of a happy eternal life at our Father’s home where ‘there are many flats’ (J14,2). And he was born in order to lead us to the eternity with God, and as a Good Shepherd give our Heavenly Father his suffering for each of us so that we could attain redemption. So if today we are struggling with different opinions, let’s remember that one day we will stand in front of God, the Righteous Judge who will judge the living and dead. Those who are fighting against God today will also meet with Him face to face and will have to answer for what they do. If it is not too late, we should realize the fact that we are poor dust towards God – the Creator of the world, ‘Archmaster’, as a poet called Him. We should also notice that everything in this world is carefully ‘furnished’, that the whole universe functions in a kind of a fantastic order and that God offered also the man a specific role - so that everything would be good and would go towards the good. We should find ourselves in this harmony of God because it is something the best what can happen to us. Simply –the great purposefulness in nature indicates to the presence of God who simply is. Today we have an excellent example of Blessed John Paul II whom we love so much. Let his example be a power for all of us, which frees us from the evil, hatred, everything connected with the kingdom of satan. Let him be our example on our road towards the eternity. And it is really not far to the eternity from here. So many of us will see it maybe tomorrow, maybe the day after tomorrow...

Lord, when he is accepted into heart,
Is like a flower,
Thirsty of the sun’s heat,
So come, the light from the depths
Of an incomprehensible day
And lean on my shore.
Shine not too close to Heaven
And not too far.
Remember, the heart, this look
In which the whole eternity waits for you.

Karol Wojtyła ‘Song about God hidden’.


"Niedziela" 45/2011

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