In the recent years we have noticed exceptionally many attacks against the Church, against priest-bishops and against priests. In the dimension of the general Church we also register more and more attacks against the very Holy Father Benedict XVI. It is a very strong attack against the Church, clergy and the Catholics. We are often the witnesses of burglaries into convents, strong critics of the monastery life – the onset is enormous.

Also attacks of some groups introducing atheism in our homeland got stronger. These are, among the others, the actions of the movement of Janusz Palikot who has recently done an act of apostasy in Cracow under the papal window.

It is time given to the Catholics to wake up because it is going badly. They should also notice that some television centres especially speak loudly about these blasphemous acts, present people who express their opinions about the Church with hatred, take up an attitude against this institution and God. All this is happening in the Catholics country where over 90 percent of citizens are baptized people and the Christians. This vast majority of the Catholics are not able to express their opposition towards audacity with which they meet.

We must also notice that because of sluggishness of the Polish Catholics, many people were allowed enter in the Parliament who should not be there and who have a clear atheist option. It is necessary for us to be aware that we take responsibility for a sin of our unsatisfactory social activity. Because of that Poland becomes an unrecognizable country. What happened with you, Poland!

We have everything what is necessary but we can not use it in a good way!

I would like – again- note that we have a possibility to rebuild a Polish consciousness. This possibility is given to us by, among the others, Catholic media. Let’s note how much good happens through Radio Maryja, through Television Trwam. How much would be achieved if we listened to about 40 diocesan radio stations which exist in our country.

I deeply ask for an inner, moral shock. Through good information we can build consciousness completely different from the one given by the television which is general but disgraceful. Let’s defend ourselves from the satan who is destroying our homeland so easily, who is forcing his way into our homes and families and our inside without any difficulty of us, and who is destroying the morals of the nation.

But, first of all, let’s not allow for destroying our Church. If it happens, we will remain without roots and the diabolic stream of the world may completely absorb our young generations, destroying the Christian consciousness. In this edition of the Catholic weekly ‘Sunday’ I draw attention to the text of an interview with the former wife of Janusz Palikot. We re-edit it from the weekly ‘Wprost’ but it is significant and brings us a lot of reflection.


When we were giving the current edition of the ‘Sunday’ for printing, we received a message that Television Trwam would not be present in the digital multiplex. The Provincial Administrative Court in Warsaw rejected the complaint about the decision of the National Broadcasting Council in the matter of the Television Trwam. It is a decision not only against the Foundation Lux Veritatis, but it is a decision against 2.2 mln people, Polish citizens who gave their signatures in the support of the presence of the Television Trwam in the multiplex. These are Polish Catholics who have been hurt and we must know and remember about it. it also allows us to call stronger to Polish priests and Polish Catholics to gather their strengths and to awake their consciousness that they are Poles and that they are proud of being Poles and Catholics. We must fight for our rights and we must elect and vote in such a way that good would win and we would not have to gather millions of signatures to settle obvious matters.

So, Poles, Polish Catholics, listen to what has been said earlier: we must simply be stronger, we must be in solidarity, we must call things by name and we must elect in such a way that in Poland there would be justice, honesty and truth. The refusal for the place of the Television Trwam in the digital multiplex is just the refusal of proclaiming the truth. The Gospel is the truth and the basic human rights and the fight for justice and honesty are the truth. We must join this resolute fight immediately.


"Niedziela" 23/2012

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