In newspapers, especially the Italian ones, there are more and more texts which aim at creating an impression as if Vatican did not act in an ordered way, compatible with the obliging all norms but in a scandalous way showing the so-called another circuit or maybe corruption too, or perversions. One wants to prove through the so-called Vatileaks affair that Benedict XVI does not cope with the Vatican officials. Now and then a lot of new confidential information concerning the Holy Father is published, as well as about his closest surroundings, coming from the so-called leakages and it really looks serious; as it is known that if somebody is writing to the Pope, he is doing it with much confidence and is giving very delicate information when they or the opinions on this topic of the representatives of various dicasteries of the Holy See, are coming out onto daylight, bear the signs of a real affair.

We know that when John Paul II was on the Holy See of St. Peter, he had a wonderful confidential secretary near him – at present the Cardinal – Stanislaw Dziwisz, who was a shadow of the Holy Father and he served him with an unusual devotion. We all were under the impression of Padre Stanislao whose voice we recognised only when he became bishop and had to give a speech. Another excellent secretary of John Paul II was Fr. Mieczysław Mokrzycki, a metropolitan of Lvov at present – Fr. Miecio, as he was called, quiet, humble and devoted to the Pope with all his spirit. And such an institution like the Holy See should work so – beautifully and reliably. But the fact that in the world directed to sensations and gossips there will be people who will allow themselves to be induced to evil, is a thing which is somehow normal, because ever-lasting. Here the whole work is based on trustfulness, honesty towards one another, common searching for ways of coping with many problems. However, the Vatican enclave is thought to be something unusually mysterious as somebody said – ‘it is a fertile area for spies’ and raises a great interest of the worldly powers. Therefore all unofficial pieces of information which come from there, are immediately spreading around the gossipy Rome and the world and they meet with a bad judgement, mockery and among people of faith – with a deep concern.

The Church has always been besieged by evil spirits which nag, bring trouble, wanting to destroy what is good. Various influence centres have such an aim: weakening trustfulness to the Pope and the Church, sow scandal. How can we – they suggest – trust the Holy See if in its offices there is something not good, if among the Vatican officials there are some conflicts? However, we all know well that the Vatican is the environment of very various people, both priests and laymen who sometimes play a big role there, who work and live there and often have an access to papal documents. So, it is always possible that there are some issues which will cause reflection why it happens so. The world is difficult and mass media, especially the contemporary ones, are curious and are looking for sensations. As it is said in Poland – a good news is a bad news for them; that is, to see something scandalous and show it to people – this news is the best sold; especially that in our market in the majesty of the law, worse newspapers are functioning whose texts insult many people.

As Catholics we must be aware that it is very easy to write or say something bad about somebody, accuse or slander somebody. We see that a newspaper may sometimes kill. It is done so towards politicians and also priests or even bishops, when untrue things are written about them. So, we must be aware of the fact that the evil is rubbing his hands then. And that there is still God’s judgement over this all. The longer I live in this world and live God’s and human matters, the more I see that the Final Judgement is needed in the world, the final God’s justice over the history of the world and the man.

For now- we must have a big distance towards what is written about the Holy See, about the Pope. The Holy Father surely loves Jesus Christ and His Church and he wants the God’s Gospel spread all over the world. Therefore, among the others, he set the Year of Faith, persuading people to repent themselves to God. What is happening around the Vatican is a diabolic action which wants to disturb it.

In this spirit I request us to trust the Church, trust the very Pope who, like St. Peter, repeats to Christ: ‘Lord, you know all. You know that I love you’. (see J21.17). And our intense prayer in the intention of the Holy Father will help that God in this situation will bring out good and people involved in some bad histories will understand their mistake.


"Niedziela" 29/2012

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