On the 34th anniversary of the election of John Paul II for the Holy See, on 16 October 2012 we opened a new card in the history of the ‘Sunday’. For, the website of our weekly has been changed, called a portal of the ‘Sunday’. Much gratitude is expressed to our information technology workers and the internet editorial office of the ‘Sunday’. If this work had been given to a company outside, it would have cost us a lot of money, but it turns out that a lot can be done with one’s own effort. The portal includes about 100 thousand articles printed in the ‘Sunday’. Now many people will be able to use the content of the virtual space of our newspaper.

Websites are a very interesting way to gain information for a lot of people using the electronic possibilities. One can learn a lot from the websites and meet many significant people. The contemporary man is often in this space, some people are here in an exaggerated way. Anyway, we must know that beside the paper ‘Sunday’ there is also the well-conducted internet ‘Sunday’ to which I invite you cordially.

The ‘Sunday’ is a newspaper which has already got its prestige, as well as its history – it has been edited for years, sharing the fate of the oppressed. Its contemporary phase, comprising the last 31 years is marked with much experience and cooperation of many excellent people, including those who have influence on the social life in Poland today. We are also an ordinary Catholic newspaper whose purpose is to help people in their life with the Christian faith every day. Well, there are also some convergences with one of the political options, but I emphasize that we mean helping priests in their pastoral ministry and the Catholic family. However, it is impossible to avoid the so-called political topics because they are included in the issue of love to homeland about which we all care.

Today the only form of help to our weekly is buying the ‘Sunday’ in the printed version, but we also have a new possibility – reading it online. For, we want to serve a man the best, also using the newest technical possibilities. I also want to share one more new detail with you. During this year’s pilgrimage of the ‘Sunday’ to Jasna Góra (15 September) we started the first online TV transmission of this event. Now we can, among the others, transmit current lectures and meetings taking place in the editorial auditorium for those who are interested in our activity. In the nearest time we intend to start the internet TV station of the ‘Sunday’ for permanent. Everybody who has a computer will be able to watch our programs. There are many ideas, we are thinking about interesting publicist programs but – everything in their time. We also mean our viewers to be in touch with us. So, I think that it is a good form of the presence of the ‘Sunday’ in our society, satisfying the needs of the contemporary times. Certainly, we are not the same television station as the Television Trwam but we can meet together in our own way, even though maybe not so professional and wide. We want these meetings with our readers all over the world. During the mentioned pilgrimage of the ‘Sunday’ we were in contact with Kazakhstan, Chicago in USA, Vancouver in Canada, and missionaries in Africa – at that time about a thousand people were watching our program. I think that in this way it is possible to build the Catholic consciousness better and talk about important issues for Poland, for the Church and each of us in a wider group.

Finally, I cordially invite the Readers of the ‘Sunday’ to the website and to the internet ‘Sunday’ – details soon – and hope that our contacts will become more frequent and more lively.


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