It was a real massacre of the innocent – dramatic events of 14 December 2012 in Newtown in the State of Connecticut in the USA. A 20-year-old man armed in a machine gun and two pistols entered a school and killed 20 children and 6 adults. The murderer committed a suicide.

And we are asking ourselves the questions: why do people kill people? why is weapon so easily accessible in America? Some people are right saying that weapon was created for killing.

The world is selling weapon. Its sale makes not only industrial workers get rich but also many political and economic groups get benefits from it. Particular countries participate in it and are getting rich thanks to it. Poor countries which do not have their own factories, are reaching for stocks of weapons, giving back their natural resources to sellers. Young people, even women, and in some countries - children are often involved into the cruel procedure of killing.

How is the God’s commandment referred to in this situation: do not kill!... killing among some groups is already an industry; sophisticated, precise and tried out. There are countries which deliberately cause a conflict in order to try out and promote their weapons.

So, how is it possible that the civilizational world is still opting to kill? That elegant, educate people are still reaching for weapon and are getting prepared for killing their brothers? The president of USA did not hide his tears after the tragedy in Newtown.

The President Barack Obama agitated by the death of innocent children….But the same president supports abortion in his country. Doesn’t he know that abortion is killing unborn children? Nothing else but the human being is born from the human fetus. From the very conception he has his genetic code – somehow his personal proof and he is unique. If he is allowed to be born by other people he will say in a short time: I am, I have, I am waiting for something, I am experiencing something, I am crying, I love… One must illustrate the action of murderers, that is, doctors and nurses, there is human blood in their hands, they take away and destroy life.

We feel fear when we are looking at the president Obama wiping away his tears and also at other dissidents who vote for killing the unborn. There are people who say perversely: I am pro-life, that is, I am for in vitro. But this method is connected with killing people in the beginning phase of their life. can one have a child for this price? These moral questions also concern Polish parliamentarians who are generally baptized people, admitting to Catholicism.

The most important issue for the world is in the issue towards life. Today the Church is persecuted for defending life from the beginning to the natural death. And it is never going to be different, the Church is never going to say that somebody must sometimes be killed. The Church is not going to give up this attitude, otherwise it would stop being the Church, it would stop listening to God or accept His commandment: Do not kill! It is shouting to the contemporary world. Do not kill the human being before his birth. Do not kill the human being although he would be sentenced to death by courts. It is the natural law which shows that only God can decide about the right to life. he gives life and He can take it away. Nobody else. Young people should have such beliefs when having an opportunity for abortion, in order to oppose to doctors or sociologists, who will say that killing is allowed because a baby may be born as ill or was conceived in the circumstances of crime. I repeat: one mustn’t kill! And every problem can be solved with God’s help.

These reflections touch many aspects of respecting life. In order to respect right to life, first of all, the production of weapon should be stopped. The man cannot acknowledge the industry of killing. Life mustn’t be destroyed neither just after the birth nor when somebody is old or ill because his life still belongs to God. God manages and decide about our life in its every road. It is His law and prerogative.

When we are looking at the tears of the whole world after the tragedy in America, let they remind about the tears of mothers crying over their babies after the massacre in Bethlehem. May the thoughts about babies deprived of life not leave us, before they are born. We must pray fervently so that humankind would not allow for its degeneration completely, so that a man would not kill a man and not destroy the life of other people. The guarantee for maintaining the humankind is maintaining loyalty to the commandment of the Decalogue: do not kill! Save life and life will save you.


"Niedziela" 1/2013

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