Once I was listening to a discussion on radio in evening hours, about the presence of the cross in the Seym. Among the representatives of various political groups, there was Roman Kotliński from the movement of Palikot, who said that MPs, who had put up the cross in the Seym, were ‘drunk’. This made the parliamentarian Jadwiga Wiśniewska (The Law and Justice Party)outraged and there was quite a firm exchange of opinions on this issue. Certainly, the statement of Mr.Kotliński was a lie, he offended MPs who had put up the cross in the Seym. Among them I know a parliamentarian Tomasz Wójcik and I think that they should submit a claim against Mr.Kotliński. It is not allowed to pass false message publicly and with impunity, because it causes an irreparable social damage.

Responsibility for a pronounced word is gradually being blurred, especially when it concerns publicly respected people, whose good opinion is taken away. In a correctly functioning legal system, effective criminal responsibility should function instead. But, first of all, I would like to concentrate on moral responsibility. It would be good if we were more sensitive to everything which is happening in our mass media. It often happens that a journalist conducting a program, expresses his approval, according to the principle, confirming some unchecked opinions, but it is him who is responsible for what is being broadcast. Whereas a journalist conducting a talk should help people in deciding where the truth is and what it really looks like. Whereas there are more and more preferences of people in media who are politically motivated – often one and the same person appears in many TV stations, radio stations or in newspapers – while others, having a different opinion of representatives of the Catholic vision of a problem, are not allowed to have a voice, and are muted or omitted in a punch line assumed in advance. It is often known what an announced meeting will be like – if it is attended by, for example, the representatives of the movement of Palikot or feminists, it is going to be a program full of hatred towards the Church, using any words which are offensive and unable a good discussion. But the program is going to be colourful itself, dynamic and will surely help to achieve one thing: much more viewers. But do we mean this kind of mission of mass media?...

Now, among the others, the ideology ‘gender’ is becoming fashionable, which enforces social-cultural attitude towards sexes – as opposed to the biological one - and appearing in the form of a strong fight of feminist movements for the so-called rights of women. Especially in media sphere, there are malicious and aggressive polemics, which we are witnessing. It is also easy to notice the bias of journalists, people of different opinion are not allowed to have a voice or others outshout them. Later they often state that they feel hounded by leaders and they do not want to participate in this kind of programs, because it does not simply make sense. And it is enough to look at journalistic programs in Television Trwam or Radio Maryja, to notice how differently conversations are conducted there, with such good manners and respect from a journalist towards interlocutors.

We must learn good manners in a talk, especially in a political discussion. We must also learn to judge people not by appearance but for an answer in a specific area, for honesty in a talk and authentic search for the truth. Because we have such moral norms. Our reality cannot be decided by a politician of at least weird opinions, as God’s law, natural law and biological law decide about many matters. However, revolution which we are witnessing, the so-called gender revolution, bringing a new ideology of sexuality, enters even into the terminology: father does not mean a father any more, mother is not a mother, woman is not a woman, there are only points A and B. In Switzerland they want to establish only way of satisfying their physiological needs, so that there would not be a sex distinction. In addition there appears a kind of social madness sanctioned by law, there appears a kind of abnormality. These new ideologies are supported by much capital and there are anti-Christian movements hidden in them. The recent events in the streets of Paris showed that when the atheistic president of France suggested legalisation of partner couples and adoption of children by these couples, he faced a negative reaction. Nearly a million of demonstrators said: NO! People see that the new philosophies are leading t nowhere. We should also notice it in Poland.

In 2006 we published in the Library of the ‘Sunday’ a book translated from Italian into Polish by Karol Klauza entitled ‘War against Christianity’. Its authors – Eugenia Roccella and Lucetta Scaraffia show how the European Union and the UNO are fighting against Christianity. I encourage everyone to read this special book. For today this ideology is coming to Poland and we must have an appropriate attitude towards it.

Fight against the cross, fight against the Church in Poland which has begun, is not accidental. The man, who is confused and accepts novelties trustfully and uncritically, may become very hurt and it may influence his distinguishing between good and evil. So, we must return to the basic meanings in our terminology, having its source in the natural law and human biology. It is all is about the fact that we must not subject ourselves to stupidity or interests of powerful people of this world, but we must base on what the Church is teaching, what is included in the Revealed law. Faithfulness to the Church and its teaching will save the man, family, will save the world.


"Niedziela" 6/2013

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