Dear Polish Catholics, Brothers Christians! We have found ourselves into a very difficult and specific situation. Here in the Polish Parliament strange suggestions are appearing. Their name is allegedly innocent: ‘partnership couples’. However, in fact, it is all about not only legal sanctioning people living in the so-called free couples, but about couples between two men or two women. It is absolutely a negation of biology, that is, natural law. For us, people of Decalogue, it is a blow at the essence of Divine revelation. However, we must hear God how said: ‘I am your Lord, your God’ (see Exodus Book 20). After these words in the Bible there are God’s commandments which must be reminded about to us today in the binding version:

1. You won’t have other gods before Me.

2. You won’t use the name of God in vain.

3. Remember to celebrate the holy day.

4. Worship your father and your mother.

5. Do not kill.

6. Do not commit adultery.

7. Do not steal.

8. Do not tell a false testimony against your neighbour.

9. Do not covet your neighbour’s wife.

10. Nor any thing which belongs to him.

You will love Lord, your God, with your whole heart, your whole soul, with all your thoughts, and your neighbour like yourself.

We all are learning these simple commandments of Decalogue, which we, as believers, have been repeating since our young years. They were learnt by the prime minister Donald Tusk, and also the president Bronisław Komorowski, as well as parliamentarians. Nearly whole Poland knows the Decalogue by heart. This holy text is known and respected by Jews.

Today we are witnessing the attack on these holy principles. They were attacked by Janusz Palikot and his political group as well as his supporters. They are against God, Decalogue and the perennial law, given by the very God.

We must be aware of what is happening in our homeland. Under our eyes the basic content, terms and values are falsified. Luckily, the Constitution of the Polish Republic is still standing on the guard of these values, and says that marriage is a relationship between a woman and a man. And now this all becomes endangered. Even some people with PhD titles sign appeals against the MP who expressed her opinion on obvious matters. I am asking everybody, also those, who consider themselves as scholars where the world of values based on the law of nature, on the law of biology is. Its place is taken by modern philosophies, derived from the spirit of atheistic trends, the Bolshevik spirit and earlier the anti-Semitic philosophy of Martin Luther. Later they were in the ideas of the French revolution which was a cause of murdering thousands of people, not mentioning the Bolshevik revolution which killed millions of people. Those were killed who had said that they believed in God. The consequence of atheistic philosophies were concentration camps – the action of people who had rejected God and Decalogue.

So, today a revolution comes which does not have an axe in hands in order to cut off heads, but it is also dangerous, like the one in France, Russia and Germany. It is impossible to omit also Mao Tse-tung in China in this context or Fidel Castro on Cuba. Those people are rooted in atheism, in rejection of Divine law and order.

The danger is big. Europe betrays Christianity, being very deeply sunk in searching for pleasures and which allowed for killing unborn people in European legislations. Abortion is the law of Europe. Our continent started following the directives of Lenin and other atheists. In some European countries old, ill and disabled people are killed. On the Old Continent, in countries where euthanasia is allowed, people are scared of going to hospitals or care houses because they know that they may be killed there.

We must know about it in independent Poland. We are endangered by impious philosophy and law legalised against the natural and divine law, with the hands of people who do not have God in their hearts. Christians must act together and create Christian solidarity. We know that in the 80s it showed a big power and strength, it overcame communism in Europe. Thanks to solidarity and the Polish Pope, Europe got free from the claws of communism, without any gunshot, bloodshed or atom. And today satan wants to trap Europe in his claws, introducing impious laws. The kingdom of Lucifer orders countries of Christian Europe to introduce atheism and law and order contradictory to Decalogue. It happens that Christian philosophers, and even some theologians do not fully emphasize the power of Decalogue inscribed on Moses’ boards. In Christian talks we refer to philosophers who are atheists or get separated from the Christian thought and they become, even for a short time, authorities.

We forget that there is the supreme Authority of living God. God said to Moses: I am One Who Is (see Exodus 3.14). We do not have to prove it because if we are, if everybody of us is, we are dealing with micro- and macro-space, with the order functioning in the universe – it must be stated that there is the Supreme Being, putting everything in order. God revealed Himself first in the old Testament and fully in the person of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer and is still speaking to us through the word of the Holy Scripture, the Old and the New Testaments, through the Church in which the Holy Spirit is present. Shortly speaking, it is our Christian look of faith in God, Who is, who should be respected and acknowledged. Being created to the image and similarity of God we cannot be indifferent toward the blasphemous attitude of some people having Polish passports, towards blasphemy getting into media – in press, radio, television, Internet. Hatred directed against God and the Church is a big sin. We are burdened by the sin of blasphemy against God and this all which was revealed by God. Therefore we cannot exist in inertia, forgetfulness, passiveness any longer. Believers, Christians must know that in our Homeland God is being hurt. We must apologise to Him and ask Him for mercifulness. Let merciful God have compassion on us – let Him come with His merciful love.


"Niedziela" 7/2013

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