I would like to thank You, Dear Readers of the ‘Sunday’ again, for reading our weekly. First I say ‘thank you’ to those who are engaged in distributing it. Distribution is a very important task today. Certainly, comparing various press articles, we should note that every newspaper has its profile and emphasis arranged differently on issues which are important for us. For, every editorial office has its own assumptions and preferences. On the one hand, the form of a newspaper is created by its editors and text authors, but, in much extent, also readers who pay attention to various aspects of life, expressing their opinion in a critical way or presenting their expectations.

‘Sunday’ gives believers Catholic texts coming from the teaching of the Church, connected with the pope’s and bishops’ teaching. We touch on issues important from the point of view of the Christian doctrine, being attacked so strongly and frequently today. These problems include the defence of life, Decalogue, defence of a man created to the image and likeness of God. We write about problems which are presented in media – press and TV all over the world as neutral, but in fact they are serious dangers for the man. I mean abortion, aiming at legal introduction of euthanasia or quest for legalisation of the same-sex couples, which is dangerous from the point of view of the Christian doctrine. A big danger is adoption of children by the same-sex couples. This is an attack at the teaching of Jesus Christ, an attempt of rejecting the Gospel and Divine Commandments. Trends which are brought by the European Union or the UNO, are not favourable for the Christian teaching and are contradictory with the teaching of the Church. As Christians we are in a situation of a clash with aggressiveness of the so-called modern trends of thinking. Young people are the most endangered who are not aware of the dangers which come from, for example, such a trendy gender philosophy today, which is a creeping atheistic revolution.

So, in the ‘Sunday’ we write about many dangers which are in the contemporary reality. For it is said – and rightly – that the present Christian civilisation is endangered by new, progressing paganism. Catholics should be aware of these dangers. Whereas so many of us are overwhelmed by non-Christian trends, neo-paganism flowing from everywhere, especially through media. We do not read a Catholic magazine but colourful tabloids which are not ambitious, and we watch soap operas which implement a new anti-Christian philosophy into our life through their content, we feed ourselves with sensational news from Internet. The contemporary Catholic must regain the faith consciousness. When proclaiming the Year of Faith, Benedict XVI wanted the Catholics in the world not to get subjected to the newly fashionable atheistic philosophical trends. We must resist the atheistic trends. The issue of the recently discussed partnership couples also belongs to the key issues in the life of our society. Therefore the attitude of people representing us as a society in its Catholic essence is so important.

Please, do not be surprised that the ‘Sunday’ touches on these issues in a lively way, reminding us about essential issues of Jesus Christ’s teaching. We are fighting for the truth in moral and ethical issues. And although it sometimes seems to some of us, also priests, that it is unnecessary and we would like the ‘Sunday’ to have more guidance and practical tips, the defence of the Christian faith base is in the first place for our editorial office.

In each edition we also discuss issues connected with the life of the nation. Experts of economic and political life write on the pages of our magazine. Historians and politicians, who care about the welfare of our homeland, write their articles in the magazine, undertaking the attempts of explaining many issues.

It seems to be our great asset and merit. In many media this reality is presented in a false way, people are deceived and they do not see any dangers. We are trying to inform people about the most important thing for every Pole. We are trying to react to many phenomena happening in our homeland quickly and competently. In today’s times of the perfect electronic information way, it is possible to have the editorial office in a forest and manage a modern magazine. We are provided with a quick information with a comment not only from Warsaw but also Cracow, Wrocław or Lublin. We also have possibilities of perfect information from the Christian capital from Rome, where our permanent correspondent for the issues of the Universal Church resides.

Dear Readers, please, note the work of our editorial team of the “Sunday’ and the content of the weekly. Our texts do not belong to light, easy and pleasurable articles. They are not strictly advisory texts, although in each edition everybody will find something for himself. The articles are really important, though. Therefore we must promote the ‘Sunday’ and encourage others to read it, and reflect on national issues. It is good if a priest knows the weekly and will tell briefly to his believers about the need of reading a particular text. I am grateful to Priests who consider the content of the ‘Sunday’ in their pastoral announcements. I also draw our attention to our advertisements in the Television Trwam, whom I thank a lot for promoting the weekly ‘Sunday’. I thank people engaged in the Movement of Friends of the ‘Sunday’ which has been functioning for years. We express our gratitude towards You all, especially during the annual pilgrimage of the ‘Sunday’ to Jasna Góra, praying for Readers and all Friends of the ‘Sunday’.

At the time preparing us for the Easter I would also like to thank priests giving retreats who drew attention to the ‘Sunday’ in their teaching, while serving to the Church and the Polish nation with their whole heart. It includes our care about the future of the nation and about its young generation. The ‘Sunday’ devotes special pages to it, entitled: ‘The Sunday for Youth’. We are glad that young people make a contact with the editorial office, that the ‘Internet Sunday’ is very popular. Thanks to the electronic form we will be able to have more contact with young people in Poland and abroad. We are also glad that young families with their children are interested in our bi-monthly ‘My Rainbow magazine’ which contributes to sensible conversations with children about God.

In the Year of Faith we also undertake suggestions of the ‘Sunday’ which come from the deepest care about the quality of our faith and let’s be the sowers of the good. Best wishes.


"Niedziela" 11/2013

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