It seems that we are not quite aware of the fact which was registered by the Gospels when Christ defined himself as a king. However, his kingdom is not the kingdom including the basic elements of power: army, courts, police, etc. This is the kingdom of God, the Creator of Heaven and land, who planned the whole universe and placed a man in his divine plan, as an internally free being and gifted with the reason, so that the man would rule the universe on his behalf. If the man was not an intelligent being – we could not speak about such a form of the world as it is today, and if he was not a free being – such a reality would not be possible which we are watching today.

Christ came onto the world with God’s intention and God’s vision. God sent his Son to the sinful world, so that he would be his Saviour and Redeemer. It is a very important task which somehow comes out of the interior of the very God and concerns the man’s fate on the Earth, the fate of everybody, who appeared in the world, who were born as the humans. It is an expression of God’s great love to the man. We stand in front of this God who is powerful and merciful and we want to worship Him and adore Him. The Feast of Christ the King of the Universe is an expression of this need of the Church – in order to show God the greatest, royal respect and tribute.

We are looking at various artistic performances of Christ as the King, presented in a human way. On contrary to images of kings and leaders, who are proud and wearing the most beautiful robes decorated with royal crowns, sitting on a throne with the signs of power, God’s Son has an tormented face, and on his head – what an irony! – a crown of thorns, whereas a scarlet gown who covers his body, was put on him for a ridicule. Because God’s kingdom has a completely different dimension than the earthly one. It is the kingdom of spirit, the kingdom of the human inside, human conscience. It is impossible to show this kingdom in any picture, human talent seems to be insufficient to show the royal dignity of Jesus Christ, and human imagination is too weak for it. Therefore, we must humbly admit that we cannot paint the image of Christ the King of the Universe. All His images will be imperfect. Because the Kingdom of Jesus is the truth, love, justice and peace. This is the most important kingdom in the world. God is strongly present in this kingdom who touches the man in his deepest existence, moves his heart and worries his reason, illumining with the splendor of God’s works. It is impossible to compare the kingdom carried by Christ to anything on the Earth, as everything compared to it is faded, weak and imperfect. But it is good that the man is trying to create pictures, making an effort to understand it. Because we must do everything which is in our possibilities, in order to respect the King and worship Him and follow His clues.

We have so many saints who were very strongly connected with the God’s King of the world, who were learning God’s wisdom in front of the Blessed Sacrament. They might tell us a lot about the King of their hearts and souls. We also experience this truth during a prayer reflection, and at some moments – experiencing graces and miracles of Jesus in a very physical way, who is the omnipotent king, who loves infinitely and always gives a chance to the man, inspiring him to do good. Christ’s kingdom moves the man, showing him proper paths which lead to a real and eternal happiness.

So, let’s experience the Feast of Christ the King of Universe with great love, let’s stand in front of Jesus present in the Blessed Sacrament with great Divine Service, who opens doors of His kingdom to everybody. Because it is really for all of us, not for the elected; the kingdom is built in our hearts which are formed onto the example of Jesus’ heart.


"Niedziela" 47/2013

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