On Christmas Eve the great mystery is revealed to the world – the mystery of God coming in the person of the small Baby. It is a subtle, delicate, family and personal mystery. This is a mystery of a joyful news about salvation. It is a mystery of waiting and a mystery of fulfillment. What is fulfilled? The human being is fulfilled with his expectations, hopes, nostalgia and love. God, who reveals himself to the man, tells him: You are not alone, I am with you, I am coming as Emmanuel – God with us. I am with you, especially when your life is hard and difficult and when you are crying, feel nostalgia, when you are engrossed in the darkness, when you do not see a purpose any more, when your love got weakened, when you feel lonely, very lonely… How joy of Christmas is needed then! The most beautiful joy which is also the most ordinary one in the world, the joy which the Baby is bringing. The Baby who reveals himself as God’s Word. He comes to bring us new graces, give strength, light and power.

Therefore, on Christmas we somehow hear the singing of the great night: ’You, who are crying, wipe your tear away…’Because Jesus reveals us the deepest joy of life, that there is God, Father who is Love and who does not leave anybody. The image of boundless love of God to the man is the gift of eternal life: those who pass away, can attain heaven. ‘At home of my Father there are many flats’ – says Christ (J. 14.2). These are flats of permanent residence, because it is existence of God, out of time, which is called happiness.

Christmas is a revelation of this happiness to the man. Therefore, tears can accompany us then, but these are tears of happiness, that God is, that grace is born, that love is renewed. Jesus brings people peace of Divine predilection. It concerns the human heart and is connected with the biggest values for which the man lives and in the name of which he is able of devoting himself.

At Christmas night we experience the mystery of God’s presence, who is Love and who stands by each of us; God, who is Father and the Holy Providence; God who is our Redeemer and Saviour and who sanctifies us; God whose image we have in us, to whom we should become more and more similar. Little Jesus, who ‘is lying in a crib’, is bringing the man the pledge of great fulfilment.


"Niedziela" 51-52/2013

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