The honoured chief editor of ‘Niedziela’

I would like to present You a new chief editor of ‘Niedziela’ – Mrs. Lidia Dudkiewicz, my deputy and the Secretary of the editorial team so far. I employed Mrs. Lidia Dudkiewicz to work for ‘Niedziela’ as the first employee 33 years ago. Now she becomes my successor by the decision of the archbishop metropolitan of Czestochowa Waclaw Depo.

I express my joy that the enormous work of Mrs. Dudkiewicz and her love to the Church have been noticed by the authorities of the archdiocese of Czestochowa. I am moved to reminisce the time of our cooperation in the beginning of ‘Niedziela’, marked with the martial law which forced us to stop our nearly begun efforts of creating the newspaper for a few months. Later for many years we were undertaking much effort so that the newspaper could reappear. Mrs. Lidia, despite her young age, conducted difficult talks with clerks of the Censorship in Opole, where ‘Niedziela’ was printed and she led to a successful publication of each following edition of the weekly. It was a very responsible task. Later we had many occasions to admire the excellent hard work of Mrs. Lidia, her availability, faithfulness to the Church and competences.

After the times of the communist regime, when something new arrived, and ‘Niedziela’ started developing the range of its functioning, Mrs. Lidia became very popular and gained the best opinion among her colleagues at work and in a wider environment. For many years she has been not only a deputy of the chief editor, but also the Secretary of the editorial office, that is, a person having a direct impact on the choice of materials assigned for printing. I admire her unusual diligence and reliability in preparing every nationwide edition of ‘Niedziela’, and sometimes also local editions. I have always been sure that texts qualified for printing were read very carefully by her and that she had a responsible attitude towards everything which is published in our weekly.

As the chief editor of ‘Niedziela’ I always had an excellent support in Mrs. Lidia and, therefore, I am sure that today she will not disappoint expectations of readers. And when I am departing from the post of the chief editor of ‘Niedziela’, I am not afraid – at least from the editorial side – of the further development of our weekly. A kind of a sign of the time is also the fact that a woman becomes the chief editor of ‘Niedziela’ – which proves that the Church is open to the modern times and appreciates diligence and competences, as well as faithfulness to commitments.

I wish the editor Lidia Dudkiewicz lots of God’s graces and friendliness from people, as well as not ending zeal in work for the Church of Christ. Let Our Lady, the Main Editor of ‘Niedziela’ – to whom Mrs. Lidia Dudkiewicz entrusted so much – be her strength and power in running this important work of the Church, addressed to all inhabitants of our Homeland. I cordially ask readers for a prayer and kindness for the new Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’, and I ask Good God for blessing for the new Head of ‘Niedziela’ and for all Friends of our newspaper.

God bless you!


"Niedziela" 28/2014

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