Poland opened the door to the King of Heaven and the Earth. It heard the calling of John Paul II in the beginning of his pontificate: ‘Do not be afraid, open the door wide to Christ’. And there came a day when the Nation said the Act of Accepting Christ as the King and the Lord very solemnly. It confirms the historic event from 1050 years ago, when Mieszko I accepted the Holy Baptism. It was then when on the Polish land Christ’s reign began. It depends on each of us whether we will let Him enter our life to reign in it. He is standing at the door and is knocking on it. – We can only open the door, accept our Lord, give Him the first place in all spheres of our life: family, work and social life, and He will arrange and develop it; He will bring in God’s order, fill it with His Spirit and peace – says bishop Andrzej Czaja, the chairman of the Group of the Polish Episcopal Conference for Enthronement Movements. He also warns us against drifting to the direction which is going away from God.

How clear are messages of the Polish mystic and servant of God Rozalia Celakówna today. She warned us that ‘only countries where Christ reigns, will survive’. In 1938 she had a vision of ‘a burst globe’. ‘From its inside enormous fire erupted, followed by disgusting lava like from a volcano, destroying all countries which had not acknowledged Christ as their king. I saw destroyed Germany and other western countries of Europe’ – wrote the mystic. The latest Polish testimony of belonging to Christ, from 19 November 2016, is needed by the world. For, recently, cardinal Robert Sarah, a prefect of the Congregation for God’s Cult, an author of the famous book ‘God or nothing’ warned that the West was dying. He expressed his concern about the future of the civilization which had been Christian so far.

Today the Europeans are only counting money and are competing together in technical achievements – Europe got lost and does not know where it comes from. It lost its roots and a tree without its roots dies – says cardinal Sarah. We must definitely say that Christ is the King, because some elites of the so-called modern societies want to be like gods, working to bring a harm to creation, which is seen even in breaching the order of the nature. – We must wake up and beat the bells – bishop Czaja calls us. In his opinion, a single proclamation will not change anything, if we do not undertake a radical conversion. In relation to the historic Act of Accepting Christ as the King and Lord, let’s recall a famous priest of the youth Fr. Jan Góra, who built the Gate the Fish at baptism sources of Poles, at the Lednica lake near Gniezno. Since 1997 participants of meetings at Lednica have passed through it in order to choose Christ in their further life. People choosing Christ are completely new people for whom their purpose is home of the Father, that is, eternity – it was how Fr. Jan Góra saw it, also calling people for evangelical action.

Ending the Jubilee of Mercy and the Year of 1050th anniversary of Poland Baptism is also a new beginning. On the first Sunday of Advent the pastoral year 2016/2017 begins, whose motto will be: ‘Go and proclaim’. So, being filled with springs of baptism graces, gifted with mercy and God’s sensitivity, when we have already let Christ reign in our life and in everything which is Poland, we are leaving our sofas, putting on trekking boots and we are setting off in order to give a testimony and conquer the Himalayas of faith. Closing Mercy Gates is also opening our hearts for Christ and for our neighbours.


„Niedziela” 48/2016

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