I am looking at the cover of published novelties of the White Raven…..What is shocking to see are the words: ‘The most dangerous man of the world’. This is a courageous book, unmasking George Soros, a billionaire, revealing his global network of influences. The author of the book – an independent prominent German investigating journalist and politics expert Andreas von Retyi – is taking off a mask from the face of the man considered as a great philanthropist. One can see a real image of an extremely rich man, having power over the world markets. He has made a fortune on gigantic currency speculations. It was him who caused the infringement of the British pound sterling on exchange rate, which resulted in leading this country to the financial crisis, bankruptcy of many companies, unemployment of many people. Where did this ruthless financial speculator come from, who is pulling strings in many world sectors? He was born in 1930 in a Jewish family in Budapest. When he was 16, he escaped to the West. First he lived in Great Britain, then, in 1956, he got to the United States, where he made fortune.

Today Soros wants to be considered as a great benefactor, spending his own money on building the civic society. The authority over markets does not satisfy him. He wants to be the guru of the world and have control over politics, jurisdiction, education, financial system, health protection, and also media. He surrounded the globe with a network of thousands of Foundations of the Open Society, his institutes, his universities. And having influences thanks to it, he is ruining life in various regions of the world. He speaks about himself that, first of all, he is a specialist for destabilization. And he always uses it for his own business. He can destroy national economies, overthrow governments, create opinion via media dependent on his milliards.

A lot of mysteries of the dangerous currency speculator have been unmasked in the mentioned book, just entering bookshops. Its full title is: ‘George Soros. The most dangerous man of the world’, with a note: ‘A billionaire, his global network and the end of the world which we know’. Soros can have an influence on further fates of Europe. He has already entered the media market. Fund related to him, has recently purchased 11.2 per cent of shares of the media consortium Agora, a publisher of ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’. Let’s look at the last chapter of the book, concerning the steered tsunami of migrants, approaching Europe. We find out that Soros postulates creating ‘roads of escape’, ‘safe channels’, in order to guarantee refuses a safe journey to the destination. A lot points to the fact that he supports migration to Europe, instead of acting directly where there is the embers of conflicts forcing people to escape. Indeed, somebody wants to control Europe through refugees’ crisis – says Friederike Beck, investigating this phenomenon. She notes that Soros would like Europe to become similar to a ‘vacuum cleaner’ which directly ‘sucks in’ refugees from regions touched by military conflicts. And he thinks that this is a strategy leading to destroying and destabilization of both countries sending and countries taking those people. It may lead to the collapse of Europe, in the name of building ‘a better world’: without God, without nations, without tradition. We must be aware that Europe is at a pinch of the man whose speculative machine is working and is surrounding us with thousands of foundations. And who is pulling strings? – For some people he is a financial genius, for others he is a manipulator and an insane man, aspiring for governing the world.


„Niedziela” 49/2016

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