Once we heard that in France it is difficult to meet somebody with visible Down syndrome in the street. We know from TV or personal experiences that such people are extremely joyful and friendly. Children touched by this defect cling to everybody, want to be hugged. Unfortunately, in many western countries the result of prenatal check-up may decide about their death when being still in a mother’s womb.

Attitude to the disabled people is a determinant of culture. In this place it is worth quoting shocking descriptions of practices used in the ancient world, which, for the reason of the cult of the beautiful body, told parents of disabled children to leave them on a special graveyard or even throw them from a rock into a precipice.

This analogy might seem diverting from it. For them abortion does not remind Spartan practices or cruelties of the Greek. Isn’t it, however, a sublime eruption of this despise for otherness? The ancient factor causing the cruelty was the country which told parents to part with their children. Today we hear women’s voices who are demanding legalization of this possibility by the state. Here it is how we have gone too far. We have retreated to the ancient times in the sphere of culture.

Anyway, it is worth looking at medicine for which the axiological fundament were always the words – ‘Primum non nocere’ (Firstly, not bring a harm). The discussion on abortion, and also the attitude of doctors to children with Down syndrome tells not only legislators or parents, but also doctors to ask themselves about conscience. If these medical check-ups serve to turn on the green light for doing the cruelty, so, our Lord, protect us from such a progress.


„Niedziela” 49/2016

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