I was very moved to receive a reward of the Association of Polish Journalists 2016. The Association had undertaken a task of connecting the Polish group of journalists, as it has a lot of influence on the social life and the way of thinking among Poles. It was presented well and appreciated during a ceremony of awarding rewards of the Association of Polish Journalists. One can see a lot of engagement of many Polish media groups: TV, radio, press, which was reflected in awarded prizes and distinctions. They were received by people from whole Poland, journalists of significant and local magazines, radio and TV stations, investigation journalists, reporters, dealing with history, culture – simply good work is appreciated. It is important that we can perceive the need of spreading the good.

A significant feature of those about 50 awards was valuing the role of the conscience and the award of the Association of Polish Journalists was granted to a Catholic priest with the emphasis: ‘A priest and a Pole of great conscience’. I received this award humbly, especially that the text of the dedication had not only patriotic but also moral character. For, the word ‘conscience’ is a key expression for the life of the world, nations and countries. The conscience is the source and a motor of the supreme values present in the life of the earth inhabitants. The most important choices are made in the conscience and the most important decisions are made in it. As the Christians we say that God lives in the human conscience and it is Him who gives us life signs. So it is good that the journalistic groups undertake the issue of the conscience, and even differentiates its quality. The conscience is extremely important not only in the individual dimension but it should be important also in the life of countries and nations. Certainly, the well-formed conscience – ‘conscientia bene formata’.

I am very grateful to the journalistic group that the issue of the conscience was strongly emphasized in the supreme distinction of the Association of Polish Journalists. We should wish ourselves to have our social life full of content which accepts commands of conscience and shows its strategic importance.

The solemn meeting of journalists on 31 January 2017 also had a strong patriotic thread. All awarded journalists had undertaken their tasks in the spirit of love to Homeland. They have always considered a better life for people on Poland, the fact that we should live in the truth and justice. Their inquisitiveness was beautifully noticed by the jury.

We hope that Polish journalism will always be based on love to Homeland and on the conscience of a journalist – the well formed conscience.


„Niedziela” 07/2017

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