A hundred years ago Mary appeared to the three little Portugese shepherds in order to show them a road of rescue from a disaster for the world. During the meetings with the children, taking place from 13 May till 13 October 1917, God’s Mother announced the outbreak of a revolution in Russia, sufferings of the pope and believers which were to be followed by the triumph of Her Immaculate Heart. These final signs of hope from Heaven from before 100 years ago converged with the outbreak of hatred towards the Church. It was clearly revealed in October 1917 on the streets of Rome where masonic demonstrations were organized and which were anti-Catholic under the sign of satan. Participants of these demonstrations were shouting out that the purpose of their actions was to make the devil reign. ‘Satan must reign in Vatican, and the pope will be his servant’ – it was written in one of black banners.

One can clearly see the result of action of an invisible Masonic hand, following the rule: ‘We will not win over the Church with reasoning, but with spoiling custom’. We have not only spoiled customs which are caused by the gender ideology, but also a breach of the nature is being committed. As never before, also the human life has been endangered. Here is one of examples: on the recent days, a decision of the French parliament has definitely legalized an act depriving pro-life activists of their right of speech. The act prohibits publishing texts on Internet, which would prevent women from their intention of having abortion done. Websites run by pro-life activists are prohibited under penalty. The breach of the prohibition of online preventing women from their intention of having abortion done is liable to the fine of 30 thousand euro and 2 years of imprisonment in France. So, directives and decisions which result in killing life, are reaching the top of absurd. The authority is afraid of the text defending the unborn life… In addition, there is a war against family considered as a relic of the past, not fitting our times. It is also necessary to mention the anti-Christian wave going through Europe, and, factually, a regular war pursued against the Church. On pages of ‘Niedziela’ we read: ‘Liberals and atheists are attacking all forms of the presence of the Church. They are falsifying the history of the Church, inspiring creating liberal constitutions and civil and criminal laws. They are degrading children and youth through promoting: pornography, sexuality, hedonism, drug addiction, alcoholism, through departing from self-education and self-discipline. Help for this purpose is brought by suitably prepared and submissive media’. Open elimination of all religious symbols from the public sphere was called in the French journal ‘Le Figaro’ laic jihad. Media speak about a war between Islam and Christianity. All this is very dangerous for the future of Europe and the world….

In the year 2017, when we are celebrating the 100th anniversary of Fatima apparitions, there is also the 300th anniversary of the appearance of the first Masonic lodge in Europe, hostile to the Church. Surely it has been time for a great confrontation of the good with evil. In our times the Fatima message may be approaching the end – the Great Hour of Mary and Her announced victory. Help from Heaven and the Fatima road of rescue for the world has been widely presented in the current edition of ‘Niedziela’.


„Niedziela” 09/2017

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