It is high time we said directly that Europe has been on the edge of an abyss and it has also cut its own roots. The European Union has been in a serious crisis, than ever before. It is seen not only by euro-skeptics but also by euro-enthusiasts. When member countries notice that they are endangered by the most powerful countries because of their hegemony, even in the sphere of morality and customs, when the EU is being left by Great Britain, one of the most powerful countries – the red light is turning on, signalizing that the structure is collapsing. The main sins of the EU are mentioned on pages of ‘Niedziela’ by prof. Ryszard Legutko. He points to terrifying playing with commandments of Decalogue, with fundamental norms concerning life and death. He warns that the European Parliament can outvote everything now – not only that a carrot is a fruit but also – what is good and what is bad. So, the European Union is becoming a community of fear and coercion, as well as an absurd.

It is a pity that we do not listen to prophecies of our times. Nearly two decades ago, on 11 June 1999 John Paul II was speaking in the Polish parliament: ‘If we want a new unity of Europe to be permanent, we should build on those spiritual values which once formed it, including the riches and variety of cultures and traditions of particular nations. For, it is to be the Great European Community of Spirit. Also in this place I am re-making my appeal addressed to the Old Continent: Europe, open your door to Christ!’. A form of an answer to this appeal addressed to Europe can be the Movement ‘Europa Christi’ appearing now, and which planned an unusual meeting at Jasna Góra and in Warsaw, very important for the future of Europe as the community of spirit. It is going to be a prayer in the intention of forthcoming beatification of the founders of united Europe – God’s servants Alcide de Gaspari and Robert Schuman, with participation of important guests from Italy. Organizers expect that on this occasion Mrs. Maria Romana de Gaspari will arrive in Poland – a daughter of one of the founders of the European community.

Now, when at the EU crisis politicians are trying to be the quickest in their ideas about rescuing failing EU institutions, there appeared an important voice of prof. Krzysztof Sczerski. He believes that an impulse may come out from Poland which will mobilize Europe to repair its structures. In his new book entitled: ‘European utopia. Crisis of integration and Polish initiative of repair’ he notes that the cause of the crisis of the European integration is departure from basic moral and civic values, not the community of homelands. A lot of Polish politicians sincerely concerned about the future of Europe thinks that Poland, as a modern country, and maintaining traditions and basic spiritual values, and being the biggest country in the new European Union, can have an influence on a good change of the image of this community. In the opinion of prof. Szczerski, in order to heal the situation, we should resign from EU ideas of constructing a ‘new’ Europe and a ‘new’ man and return to Christian roots of Europe.


„Niedziela” 10/2017

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