The terroristic attack in London, near the British Parliament, is another sign of a war pursued in Europe. A right analysis of the threat with the Islamic terrorism is presented in ‘Niedziela’ by an investigative journalist Witold Gadowski. He shows main stages of the threat – from ‘the Arabic spring’ (2003) and ‘the syrian revolution’ (2011) to ‘the spring of terrorism’ in Europe. The author definitely states that these are just the Immams who bear responsibility for death of victims in assassinations committed in Europe. In his opinion, as long as the network of radical terrorism is not destroyed, in Europe there will be smoldering fires of hatred leading to crimes. In the opinion of Gadowski, the attack on Europe has just begun, and we are facing an invasion onto our continent. The wave of refugees from Near East and Africa will be more and more powerful. It is estimated today that a dozen million people left their homes because of the war in Iraq and Syria. Immigrants live in very primitive conditions, being an abuse against all standards of existence. They see their liberation from this situation in a march onto rich Europe, which appears as the only place for them in the world, providing them with a possibility of getting out of the humanitarian catastrophe. The wave of refugees from countries of Near East is going to be followed by a more powerful wave from poor Africa. We must be aware that the worse situation is in Near East and in Africa, the worse it will be in Europe, too, whose door has already been forcefully opened, mainly thanks to the invitation of immigrants by the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel.

Europe is in a critical situation. Among refugees to our borders, there are ordinary criminals and suitably trained envoys of radical factions of terroristic organizations. They are given instructions how to pretend to be an ordinary refugee, in order to become a terrorist at the right moment and the culprit of an assassination - we read in ‘Niedziela’. Western Europe is becoming defenceless because it has cut off its Christian roots. So, it is treated by the Muslims as unfaithful and, hence, easy to be conquered by islam. The weakness of Europe is also its aging in relation to a low birth rate. The Muslims, who have multi-children families, are entering this space and they are already creating their districts, more dangerous for the Europeans, in the capitals of Europe, like Brussels, or Paris.

Can Europe be saved? This is the question we often ask to ourselves more and more frequently. Gadowski, whose analysis I have quoted, sees it as following: ‘It is necessary to removed radical imams from Europe and end the war in Near East’. In his opinion – ‘Europe can save Christianity again’. But it seems that European bureaucrats do not realize this fact. Europe can be saved through rebuilding its spirit, based on a strong Christian root anew. It is necessary to join efforts of the Christians, build back a bridge to God with the help of European sanctuaries – from Jasna Góra to Gibraltar. I will remind that Our Lady of Gibraltar was proclaimed the patron of Europe by king Ferdinand IV, after the Muslim invasion was stopped in 1309 and in 2012 John Paul II crowned Her statue. During the unusual emergency state of our continent it is necessary to remind that united Europe was an idea of deeply religious politicians. And in order to save Europe, it must begin to belong to Christ again, that is, it must save more Europe in itself, the one with the values, the one being cuddled to God.


„Niedziela” 14/2017

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