The dynamics of events does not allow for resting in summer. The street and abroad are still attacking the architects of good changes in Poland, who are quickly changing the image of our life. We can only look at the results of activity of the previous department – Ministry of Family, Work and Social Policy which threw a lifebuoy to Polish families through implementing a program ‘Family 500+’, in order to see that it is 2 years since we have been living in different Poland. Finally, the good of citizens, not party’s oligarchs counts. Unfortunately, people of previous authority centres and various corporations do not want to agree with the reality and go aside with honour. They prepared a revolt program in order to raise social emotions, involve a lot of people in a political argument and cause a street confrontation. They dream about Polish Majdan. However, the complete opposition which leads people out into the streets does not propose a creative program for Poland. It has got a program only for itself and is pursuing a brutal fight for authority in order to arrange a good future for itself and regain privileges.

The revolt which has burst out in the Polish streets recently was making an impression of spontaneous protests in reaction to the reform of judiciary system. However, everything proves manipulated people. They were forced to believe that the Law and Justice party was changing the political system of Poland, was introducing totalitarianism and it was necessary to oppose to it. Social emotion shave been raised in order to paralyze Poland and stop the good change. These actions have an exactly elaborated strategy based on the idea of civil disobedience. The foundation Open Dialogue is calling for a revolt against the government. In shadow cabinets there appeared a plan of destabilization called ‘May the state stop working. Let’s turn off the governmental power!’ The plan consists of 16 steps being an instruction of abolishing the current authority. It is envisaged, among the others: to strengthen the protests continuously, raising the revolt among judges, organizing a general strike, encouraging for not paying taxes and other fees to the Treasury of State, protests at the headquarter of the government and houses of politicians of the Law and Justice party, provoking Jarosław Kaczyński to lose his temper and divide the Law and Justice party into fractions. This scenario is being realized in our eyes. Not only have particular institutions been started but also material means for the Polish street which is supposed to stop the government. Money is coming from Russia, Germany and from a millionaire George Soros. The opponents of the current government are supported by media steered by foreign consortiums. Streets protests have been strengthened by the European Commission recently. Its vice-president Hans Timmermans informed about beginning a proceeding against Poland about breaching EU provisions in relation to implementing a bill about the system of the common courts. The main legal reservation of the European Commission concerns sex discrimination because of implementation of a different retirement age for women (age of 60) and men (age of 65) holding the judge’s office. Whereas the Polish Foreign Minister announced immediately that ‘Social policy and organization of the justice administration belong to competences of member countries’. And the chief of the Polish president’s office stated that the allegations of the European Commission sounded grotesque if they concerned the retirement age of judges between women and men. – If this is the main drawback found by the commission in the bill, the attitude of the European Commission can be acknowledged as a paradoxical- he emphasized.


„Niedziela” 32/2017

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