Recently we have written in ‘Sunday’ about the blunder of the British newspaper ‘Guardian’ which we noticed in press comments after the visit of the princely couple from the country at the Thames. This country accused the government from the country at the Vistula of concealing information about Holocaust. So, we must strongly protest against it, as we protest when we read about ‘Polish death camps’ in foreign newspapers. And maybe, facing this absurd - proving very serious missing knowledge on history and the hypocrisy of the world, football fans began to act and at the stadium they organized an untypical history lesson. On 2 August 2017 at the local stadium in the capital city of Warsaw League named Marshal Józef Piłsudski they made an inscription in the stands: ‘1944’ a clearly visible on the white-red background. They let go a canvass picture down from the roof of the stadium, showing a German soldier holding a gun close to the head of a boy wearing a hat with the Polish flag. They also stretched out a banner with the inscription: ‘During the Warsaw Uprising Germans killed 160 000 people. Thousands of them were children’. The inscription was prepared in English so that the information about German crimes committed in Warsaw would spread all over the world and people could see a number of Poles who had been killed during 63 days of the Warsaw Uprising by the Germans. Before a match began, sirens had sounded, and the football fans had sung the Polish national anthem. So, they behaved as they should, on the ceremony days of the 73rd outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising.

The action of the Warsaw fans caused high interest of internet surfers all over the world. Especially that UEFA wants to draw consequences towards the Warsaw League for the setting of the match, mainly for the banner with which the fans showed the world the German disgrace. The fans answered: ‘Let it do what it wants’. And they made another move in order to save historical memory. For the nearest match of the League with Piast Gliwice (11 August) they invited veterans of the Warsaw Uprising and also combatants of the National Army and Freedom and Independence organization. The fans did not get scared of the procedure begun by the UEFA which may contribute to impose fines on the Warsaw League.

Just now when we are giving a history lesson to the world, when in our eyes there is a natural generations relay of those who are the knights of the White-Red Flag, there reappears an issue of military damages for Poland from Germany. The Germans avoid responsibility of all kinds for the Second World War. We can see another deception that allegedly Poland would not have a right to apply for damages from Germany. In relation to it, on pages of ‘Daily Mail’, there appeared an article by a British historian Dominic Sandbrook. He wrote that during the Second World War over 6 million Poles had been killed and big cities changed into ruins. He stated that ‘the Germans did everything to liquidate the whole nation, destroying its culture, murdering the middle class and reducing the rest of the society to the roles of slaves’. He concluded that ‘if a country in the world deserves military reparations, it is surely Poland’. As journalists of the weekly ‘Sieć’ inform, Germany owes is an unimaginable amount of 6 billion dollars for human and material losses from the time of the Second World War.


„Niedziela” 33/2017

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