The purpose of the terroristic assassination on 17 August was Barcelona. This is another fact proving that there is a war which the Islamists declared to Europe. Its purpose is murdering as many Europeans as possible and destroying Christianity. On our streets accidental people are killed – the first victim in Barcelona was a mother with her baby in a pram. The terrorism invaded the everyday life of citizens of big cities. Islamist invaders are murdering, raping and burning. The terrorism is coming nearer to us. It turns out that where the tragedy took place in Barcelona, there were a group of Polish pilgrims who were going for the Holy Mass to a cathedral in Barcelona nearby. The tragedy took place in their eyes.

Political reporters note that at present the forms of terrorism are more difficult to predict and prevent than before, when terroristic organizations had particular centres of leading and educating staff. It was possible to negotiate with the leaders, as they used to reveal their political purposes – for example, in 2004 when they attacked in Spain, it was obvious that they demanded withdrawal of Spanish armies from Iraq. Later there appeared terroristic networks which did not have to have a reference to the centre. Only information exchange was necessary so as to organize a terroristic assassination. Today terrorism is triggered in an uncontrolled way. It is only necessary to inspire people ideologically to carry out assassinations, to which the so-called Islamic State admits at once. At present we are dealing with blind murdering. ‘Terrorism is the theatre of fear: kill one, and you will scare millions’ – this is how dr. Łukasz, an expert for safety, perceives it.

Opinion-making centres are wondering on the causes of weakness of Europe in the war with the Islamic invader. Even secular observers mention the loss of fundament in the first place, which the Church has been so far, and which used to be a compass of life of Christian societies and a guarantee of maintaining values. Now, in the so-called modern societies there is a tendency to reject God and strengthen secularism, fight against Christian symbolism, hide the Cross for embarrassing or demonstrative reason – all this leads to the spiritual emptiness of today’s man. This space is overwhelmed by a different religion – there appears islamization. Another factor favouring the change of Europe image is losing the national character of countries. There is a binding rule of European political correctness. One cannot speak openly about a terroristic threat from the Islamists. Recently a German journalist has been sentenced to 6 months of imprisonment for criticizing islam. Politicians in the West clearly protect the islamists, according to the doctrine of the chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel. Another cause of Europe collapse is weakening the family, particularly in its productive function. So, Islam invasion may lead to the disappearance of the traditional European society. One can see dangerous comparisons with the United States which were created just in the migration process. Today we can see that the native Indian population is on the margin of the national life. The Europeans may face up such a fate. For example, it is predicted that in 2030 in Vienna the Muslims will be the biggest religious group. so, what has Europe done with the victory of king Jan III Sobieski at Vienna….


„Niedziela” 35/2017

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