Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

Surely, it will be a long time when we will still hear the echo of the First International Congress of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement which has just ended and is trying to diagnose the state of the Old Continent and indicate ways of saving our disappearing civilization. Cardinal Robert Sarah, a prefect of the Congregation for the Divine Cult and Sacraments Discipline, during the congress session in the Senate of the Republic of Poland noted the totally endangered family. The West is enforcing the gender ideology everywhere, which can be treated as a form of the modern colonialism and a rebellion against God – noted cardinal Sarah. There is an aggressive eradication of the Old Continent from the national heritage. There are attempts to change particular nations into a group of units separated from natural communities, deprived of all reference points. All this leads to their destruction. The ideology of liberal individualism promotes blurring natural borders of homelands and cultures. In the post-natural world the only criteria are to be production and consumption.

The situation is much more dangerous as a stream of big money onto the ideological action of destroying the European identity from the most dangerous man of the world – George Soros, a multimillionaire who made a big fortune on gigantic currency speculations. He has been working for a few decades so efficiently that he even led to the collapse of the British pound sterling on the stock exchange, which made Great Britain fall into a financial crisis, led to unemployment and bankruptcy of many companies. Soros wants to govern not only markets but also human consciousness. He created a gigantic world network of his foundations of ‘the open society’, institutes and universities in order to build the world without God, without nations, without tradition. Now, Europe is on the target of this dangerous speculator. In the recent years Soros has passed nearly 18 milliard dollars to foundations created by him to finance the gender ideology and help refugees. He wants Europe to become like a vacuum cleaner persecuting refugees from regions touched by military conflicts. It is to lead to destruction of countries both sending and letting in refuges and to the tragedy of national societies. Europe deprived of division into nationalities had been earlier launched by an activist of the Italian Communist Party Altiero Spinellil (he died in 1986), a member of the European Commission. Today a big group of EU politicians are referring to him but not to real fathers the founders of the European community – Konrad Adenauer and God’s servant Robert Schuman and God’s servant Alcide de Gaspari. People caring about the future of Europe are very surprised by the fact that in front of the headquarter of the European Parliament in Brussels there is a monument of Spinelli and the main building of this institution is named by his name. The chair of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker is looking through the prism of thinking of the communist Spinelli, who wanted to carry out a socialist revolution in Europe. In addition - a lot of EU officials are followers of the multicultural world without any borders and Europe without any nations, in which everything is for sale. They do not want to remember that real Europe is Europe of nations which was stigmatized with Christianity.


„Niedziela” 45/2017

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