Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

It must be reminded that it was in Bolshevik Russia where genocide began and attacked the weakest the most. Another country in Europe which introduced an law of killing unborn children was Nazis Germany. We realized it thanks to bishop Michał Janocha in the Warsaw arch-cathedral on 10 April 2018. He said that today people are demanding the same ‘law’ in the name of ‘progress’. And he asked: - If a cannibal is eating with a fork and a knife, is it a progress? This pseudo-progress has recently been noticed on a Roman street, and concerned a child on a poster. As a Vatican correspondent of ‘Niedziela’ informs, on the wall of a block of flats, near the Square of St. Peter, there appeared a banner of the Italian organization Pro Vita which presented a 11-week unborn child. However, the child had to be removed from the billboard soon, after the intervention of leftist-feminist groups. The poster presenting the child was removed by a decision of the urban authorities – it was referred to a regulation which forbids advertisements aimed against the rights and freedom of an individual. One must ask about the state of morality and the freedom of speech here in the so-called of modern countries, if the child on the poster is treated as a threat.

An unusual meaning is included in the words which St. John Paul II said in Kalisz in 1997. He reminded that the commandment: ‘Do not kill’ is the fundamental principle and the norm of the code of morality, inscribed in the conscience of every human being’, and ‘ the measure of civilization is the attitude to life’. Civilization which rejects the defenceless was called barbaric by him. It was just in Kalisz, whose patron is St. Joseph – a caring carer and defender of Jesus’ life from Herod, where the Polish Pope quoted an important appeal of ST. Mother Theresa from Calcutta, addressed to participants of the International Conference of UNO held in Cairo in 1994, on Population and Development. It was that moment when strong words of the founder of Missionaries of Love were said: ‘I say it many times – and I am sure about it – that the biggest danger threatening peace is abortion today. If a mother is allowed to kill her own child, what can prevent you or me from killing each other? Only He who created life has a right to take it away. Nobody else has this right: neither a mother, nor a father, nor a doctor, nor an agency, nor a conference, nor a government’. It turned out that the words of Mother Theresa raised a protest on the world scale. For, the conference was supposed to lead to popularization of ‘sexual and reproductive rights’.

John Paul II also reminded in Kalisz about his earlier warning: ‘The nation which kills its own children is the nation without the future’. It is high time Polish politicians heard these words, who are lingering with preceding the bill draft #Stop-Abortion. Unfortunately, the Commission of Social and Family Policy froze this civilian project. It was shocking to see only one hand raised for the request to extend the agenda of the commission debates on 12 April this year about the paragraph concerning this bill draft. The request had been submitted by an MP Jan Klawwiter and it was him who raised his hand. When awaiting taking out this bill draft from the Seym freezer, Polish children are still being killed. Facing up this strange opposition, Kaja Gadek is adamant in fighting for the life of the unborn and addressed a rhetoric question to politicians inhibiting the initiative signed by 830 thousand Poles: ‘What opinions do you need to stop killing people?’

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 16/2018 (22 IV 2018)

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