Lidia Dudkiewicz, The Editor-in-Chief of ‘Niedziela’

In the last hours one can notice surprisingly that Karol Marx is returning to Europe. A monument of him has just been put up in Trewira, where he was born 200 years ago. In this way an honour was given to the creator of materialistic atheistic ideology, responsible for hundreds of millions of victims of socialistic-communist totalitarianism. We should remember that Marxism is a radical negation of Christian civilization. So, it is a paradox that Europe, having its Christian roots, is opening up to Marx anew. There are appearing new pieces of evidence proving affirmation of his person, even from the main European officials. It turns out, for example, that the ceremony of unveiling the monument of Marx in Trewira was attended by the chairperson of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker and paid the tribute to Marx. In his speech he emphasized a positive contribution of Marx in the European integration and he also released him from responsibility for communist crimes. What is more – in some groups Marx is presented as a modern European man. Would it be the reason for which a special conference would be organized at the Warsaw University on the occasion of Marx’ birthday? Whereas in our times Altiero Spinelli appeared from the same trend – an activist seduced by the Marxist-Lenin’s ideology. This Italian communist wrote the ‘Manifest from Ventotete’, in which he demanded destroying sovereign national countries and creating united states of Europe. The surname of Spinelli is seen above the main entrance to the European Parliament. He is treated by some groups as if he was the patron of Europe.

The European rehabilitation of Marx and Spinelli is accompanied by islamization of the Old Continent. The Europeans are facing up worrying facts. Recently the authorities of Vaxjo city in southern Sweden turned out to be more merciful for the Muslims than for the Catholics. For, they agreed to calling for Islam followers for a prayer by muezzin every Friday for four minutes. This decision worried particularly the Catholics because the local authorities have refused them the right to use bells twice. Also numbers are significant: Sweden is inhabited by about 400 thousand Muslims and only 113 Catholics. There are also worrying numbers concerning Italy. It was estimated that there are 2.6 million Muslims there who have 906 places for prayer. Another example of marginalizing or removing what is catholic is in Switzerland. Because of financial difficulties the last Catholic newspaper in this country with high circulation – ‘Giornale del Popolo’ must be liquidated.

In order to refute the attack on the European civilization, stop the expansion of communist Europe, we must protect its Christian roots and return to ideas of Robert Schuman and Alcide De Gaspari. In Poland we have the ‘Europa Christi’ movement and the Institute of Schuman’s Thoughts which defend a real image of our continent. Recently the representatives of the ‘Europa Christi’ movement went to the European Parliament in order to remind inhabitants of Europe from this central political tribune, that the Old Continent was , is and must remain Christian. A crusade in defence of the cross is necessary. Europe has only one solution: open its door to Christ anew. Inhabitants of Europe are facing up the last choice: God or nothing.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 21/2018 (27 V 2018)

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