Agnieszka Konik-Korn talks with Dariusz Walusiak, a historian, publicist and a film director.

„Why did I write this book? It is simple. Because I appreciate the truth and I want my children, living in an independent country, to be proud of the Polish history and the fact that they are Poles“. These are the words of the author of a recently published book entitled ‚The guilty. Holocaust and falsifying history‘. Agnieszka Konik-Korn talks with Dariusz Walusiak, a historian, publicist and a film director.

AGNIESZKA KONIK-KORN: - Today in media we often hear about ‚Polish concentration camps‘ than about the fact that the Germans are guilty of murdering millions of people. In most cases these are Poles who are accused of anti-Semitism and it seems that the world forgot about who committed the biggest crimes during the Second World War. What does the book ‚The guilty‘ speaks about?

DARIUSZ WALUSIAK: - It would seem that we are dealing with an indisputable fact, that these are the Germans who are guilty of causing the Second World War and killing millions of human beings, mainly Jews in this number. Whereas today we are dealing with blurring this historical truth. Our nation is accused of Holocaust more and more. The Germans are acquitted of responsibility of what happened, by presenting them as victims of nazism! Whereas, what is particular to remember is the fact that the whole German nation was engaged in this crime. Culprits of the homicide were not only those who were shooting at the back of their victims‘ heads, but also those who led their victims to the execution places, supplied ammunition, elaborated the law allowing for unpunished killing, designed uniforms. Shortly speaking, the German society accepting and supporting the criminal system of the Third Reich.
The whole industry, not only the arms industry, was engaged in the machine of crime. For example, a small family company producing ovens for burning, developed its business during the war and gained high profits, by constructing crematoria ovens used in death camps. Crimes of the Second World War committed in occupied Europe, incumbent on the whole German nation. We cannot name culprits as the Nazis, without informing about their nationality. Using this term leads, among the others, to a situation when participation in killing Jews is assigned to Poles more and more.
Prof. Kierżun carried out an experiment among his students in Canada. He asked them a question about the nation with which they associated the Nazis. Most of them mentioned Poles in the first place. This is the result of longtime attacks by media and accusations of our nation of its participation in murdering Jews and inborn anti-Semitism, as well as the lack of a proper historical policy of the Polish country. Now, when the Germans are acquitted of Holocaust, a lot of countries perceive us as the only culprits of the crimes.
Whereas we must remember that Poles were also doomed to death by the Nazis Germans. The genocide began in 1939 from murdering the POlish intelligence on the coast of Gdańsk in forests Piaśnica. According to plans of German murderers we were to be given the roles of salves. During discussions in leadership bodies of SS, extermination of 80 per cent of the Polish nation was mentioned.
However, before that, the Germans did not intend to ‚solve the Jewish issue‘. Poles never participated in this genocide. On the contrary, despite the fatal danger (those who helped Jews were threatened with death penalty), they saved the suffering and the persecuted. It was done individually, like within Żegota – the only organization in occupied Europe, which dealt with saving Jews. The book ‚The guilty. Holocaust and falsifying history‘ was written to present particular facts and give arguments for a discussion on these issues.

- Can we say that the whole German nation is guilty of Holocaust? After all, today every man bears an individual responsibility for the committed crimes…

- When Germany begins to introduce law treating Jews as subhuman, ordinary Germans also participate in its fulfilling actively. They do not want Jews in their country, report against them, treating them as the Nazis propaganda, as a different and worse category of people. Some of them write letters to families that they found pleasure in, for example, liquidating the ghetto or a method of murdering Jewish babies. An SS-man who writes about it in a letter to his wife, even boasts saying: ‚we killed thrown babies on a fly, before they fell on the ground‘.
A lot of citizens did not want to know what was happening, taking on a passive attitude towards the crimes. German law is gradually modified in order to legalize, for example, complete euthanasia, liquidation of those who are weak, unneeded and ill. This eugenic policy was pursued on a large scale. I reached to shocking information that American Jews from Rockefeller Foundation had supported those actions financially, not only before the war, but also even in 1943 when death camps had already functioned. Money from the USA was sent to German institutes which gained ‚materials‘ for experiments in concentration camps, and who were asked to supply bodies, bones and eyes in formalin. A hellish industry was created on a large scale. People started thinking of using those ‚human wastes‘. It is a terrifying vision of hell on the earth.

- In frames placed in other chapters of the book you also placed popular but false mottos, stereotypes which entered the awareness and say, for example, that Nazism derived from catholicism.

- If we look at history as a fight of the good and the evil, everything becomes clear. The example of the Germans who opened themselves up to the evil as a nation, is significant. Hitler and his closest people renounced God. We can read about it in many journals of dignitaries of the Third Reich. After the war there appeared accusations that these were the Christians who had caused such a fate to Jews, because Jews did not accept Jesus as God and God’s son. These arguments are absurd. Only recently, do historians, who do not look at history through Marxism prism, begin to discover sources which tell us a completely different history of Nazis Germany. This is a neopagan country. At this time, the Germans acknowledge themselves as half-gods deprived of their divine power through mixing the noble German blood with Jewish blood. Restoring the original features required, according to the ideologists of the Third Reich, freeing the country from the toxical element which were Jews.
Having introduced the Nuremberg Acts, Jews were to be pushed aside onto the margin and deported from Germany. As a result, there was a terrible genocide, which had not been planned in the begining. The spiral of hatred was making bigger and bigger circles. In the book I quote a lot of drastic scenes, not to expose the reader to cruelty, but to depict a real character of this crime, and the fact that German repressors were not dispassionate executors of their superiors‘ orders. Murdering their victims, including innocent children, executioners often had a lot of pleasure in it. In order to be able to commit this crime, the Germans had to denounce merciful God, Who says that we should see Him in another man.

- So, how can the nation function today, with this past, and bearing the crimes on its conscience?

- The Germans were slowly acquitted of responsibility. When western allies were pursuing the process of denazification, it turned out that if they had had to use these criteria accepted in the beginning, there would not have been enough people to work in the state administration. It would have had to be necessary to mitigate these criteria, as nearly every German man was somehow related with the Nazis system. As a result, the process of denazification was ended, and those who had taken important posts in the administration or judge system of the Third Reich, regained their political posts. .
Those people, also after the war, began to take high posts in the apparatus of authority. After some time it caused complete impunity. Processes of the Nazis, who testified in German courts, looked in this way: those who were accused of the crimes, testified before judges who had similar acts on conscience. The example is Kurt Bode, from 1957, a vice-president of the German High National Court. In April 1938 he had the same function in the Nazis apparatus of justice, he judged and sentenced, among the others, defenders of the Polish Post Office from Gdańsk to death penalty. After years of the ‚sacrificial‘ work, this man did not have a problem to get retired in a deserved way‘.
Such examples of German impunity can be multiplied. Quoting these facts is important as today we are dealing with falsifying history by the Germans, who are trying to clear themselves off any crimes which they assign to Poles.
The Germans will not clear their conscience, unless they admit their fault and accept the bitter truth about their history. For now, it does not seem that sins of ancestors would not let them sleep on it. Whereas we should fight for the truth, as nobody will do it for us. This is a duty of both Polish politicians and writers, journalists or film-makers. We should be proud of our ancestors‘ behaviour who saved Jews‘ life, risking their lives, and we should build our Polish identity on this pride. We will show the world what kind of a nation we are and how it really was.


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