The premiere of film ‘Smoleńsk’ had a nearly national background. Having waited for the film particularly, president Andrzej Duda, the prime minister Beata Szydło, ministers and, first of all, families of the air crash casualties arrived at the Grand Theatre

Film ‘Smoleńsk’ shows a lot of facts, events, manipulations and deinformation through which it was necessary to get in order to create a coherent story. The complicated story of the air crash at Smoleńsk and the later investigation was told in an interesting way.

The value of the film is its basic mission, that is, purifying the reality of lies. – Today I thank all those for a possibility of showing this film. I am very glad that we watch it in free Poland – the film director of ‘Smoleńsk’, Antoni Krauze said during the premiere. Before the presentation he told ‘Niedziela’ that he had not meant any fame or acknowledgment but he simply meant the truth. The whole narration of the film which lasts 2 hours, was built on the basis of evidence, transcripts and tens of interviews with witnesses of the events.

Jarosław Kaczyński said after the premiere that it is a film which tells the truth about Smoleńsk. – And this is something incredibly important – he emphasized. The brother of president Lech Kaczyński admitted that he finds ‘Smoleńsk’ particularly important because that tragedy concerns him in a very directly and personal way. – I can say that my reaction to the film is simply joy that it has finally been made.

Film not for applause

Film ‘Smoleńsk’ was particularly moving for families of the air crash casualties. During the premiere they could not help having memories and tears in their eyes. – I am not objective and I would prefer to leave the general evaluation to the audience. I was looking forward to this film and it fulfills my expectations so as to tell the whole world the truth. So, my impression after watching this film may not be completely objective, because other people may feel something different – said Magdalena Merta, the widow of the vice-minister of culture Tomasz Merta.

People who watched the premiere of the film in the Grand Theatre agreed that one of the best roles was played by Lech Łotocki, who had a role of deceased president Kaczyński. The audience was particularly impressed by the historical speech of the president of Georgia from the year 2008. – I am at my old age. Not everybody can become president at his old age – he said in an interview for ‘Niedziela’. – I am not afraid of criticism concerning our film, I have already got used to it. After all this process has been lasting for many years.

The role of Maria Kaczyńska was perfectly played by Maria Dałtowska. The actress knew the First Lady personally and really admired her style. – I am proud that I could participate in such a noble venture, although reactions of some of my colleagues may really be hurting. However, what can be consoling is the fact that thanks to engagement and consistence of Antoni Krauze, the film about the tragedy at Smoleńsk has been made – Dałkowska emphasized.

With dedication for journalists

‘Smoleńsk’ had been criticized by some groups before being shown. After its premiere unfriendly comments were written also by those who had not seen it at all. – I did not make this film for any praises. I strongly believed that it was very important, regardless of anything – said Antoni Krauze.

Relatives of casualties’ families and people directly connected with the catastrophe at Smoleńsk really liked ‘Smoleńsk’. – This film will impress on everybody who watch it. It will make people begin ask themselves questions how it was in real. It should be watched by people who think that the air crash at Smoleńsk has already been explained – Jacek Sasin, a minister in the Office President Lech Kaczyński told ‘Niedziela’ and who was the first one to have got to the place of the tragedy. – ‘Smoleńsk” will open a discussion anew on the tragedy from six years ago and on what happened later.

Beata Gosiewska expresses her gratitude to Antoni Krauze. In her opinion, the film director has taken a very long and rough road, but it was woth because the film shows the truth, which was hidden for years. – I wish journalists who told lies about the issue, would experience the same road like the main character of ‘Smoleńsk’. So, I dedicate this film to journalists so that they would begin tell the truth - Gosiewska told ‘Niedziela’.


„Niedziela” 38/2016

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