George Soros. Name and surname, which hides a lot of dangerous mysteries, raises fear on exchange markets and among politicians, makes all kinds of progressives delighted, causes grinding teeth among patriots and the Christians. Regardless of emotions accompanying his surname, there is no doubt that this 86-year-old mega-speculator belongs to the most influential people of the world, and his tentacles reach also to our country.

Such a man should have his CV X-rayed from many sides, because his ideas and decisions also reflect in everyday life of Poles. For many decades Soros has remained in the shadow, a big shadow thrown by hundreds of his institutions, foundations or associations. Now it is changing. The book ‘George Soros. The most dangerous man of the world’ published by White Raven publishing house reveals the person of this ruthless powerful dealer for whom the whole world is casino, and a particular man – nothing more than a ball in a roulette. The author of this unmasking autobiography of Soros is a German investigating journalist, a known politics expert and publicist Andreas von Retyi. He collected thousands of facts from George Soros’ life and arranged single little stones of a mosaic which shows the picture of a cynical and ruthless man hiding his real image with philanthropy and a fight for democracy.

The dark side of Soros’ image was revealed on the large scale for the first time in 1992, when speculating against the British pound on the exchange market, he led to the decline of this currency. ‘In Great Britain it also influenced mortgages, too – families felt it extremely badly. Apart from it, the spreading recession got deepened’ – Retyi writes in the book ‘George Soros. The most dangerous man of the world’. However, despite being created by media as a friend of humankind, he did not take care of the fate of these families, because his own profit was holiness for him. ‘At that moment during a few weeks the pound lost about 15 percent in comparison to the good currency. Thanks to it, Soros gained about a milliard dollars’ – as can read about it in the book. A few years later a few mega-speculators with Soros at the helm, caused a similar currency crisis in Asia. Its consequences in poor countries such as, for example, Thailand, were much more tragic, Asiatic currencies lost their values by 50 per cent day by day, there were mass bankruptcies, suicides, severe strikes, unemployment. Soros does not take care about such ‘side effects’, as he says: ‘it is not me, it has been done by someone else’. Can he be blamed that he turned out to be smarter than others? Here is the ill logics of the mega-speculator.

A real danger is not so much wealth of Soros, but the fact that he considers himself as a philosopher and a savour of the world. He used enormous means generated mainly through gigantic currency speculations, in order to overwhelm the whole globe with his institutions, foundations, editorial offices launching anti-Catholic worldview. There are thousands of such institutions in 90 countries, including even 80 universities; for some time Soros has been putting stress on education. They are promoting only opinions based on liberal and leftist theories, support abortion, euthanasia, the so-called homosexual marriages and generally LGBT groups. Soros is an enemy of everything which is national, patriotic and traditional. In his opinion, countries should disappear at all.

It is mastership as Andreas von Retyi draws our attention to it in his book, revealing mechanisms which make Soros function in this way, so as to manage the world. What can be called conspiracy theory, is the reality shown clearly here, and every argument is supported with documents. In this way we get to know what influence George Soros had on the war in Ukraine, Poland at the time of transformation, the current immigration crisis and the so-called Arabic spring, which brought death to thousands of people, despite promised democracy – mainly the Christians. We should add that in our country his ‘child’ is the Foundation of Batory, and that recently he has supported Agora with a lot of millions, that in 2012 president Komorowski rewarded him with the Commander’s Cross with the Star of the Merits Order…

The book has got a lot of information about the person who belongs to the most dangerous people of the world. However, all this information is logically arranged – it shows a big network of influences. ‘It should be clear that this kind of activity – done by the network established and managed by a single private person, who is clearly interfering into politics – presents a potential danger. It concerns the influence on political events on a large scale in the interest of one person, supplied with a lot of financial means, who has already made whole economies fall of their balance. In addition, this activity is slipping out of social awareness and control’ – Andreas von Retyi warns in the book ‘George Soros. The most dangerous man of the world’.

The most effective way to oppose to such actions is knowledge and awareness. And for this reason the book is worthy. Because Soros is playing a role of a worldly philanthropist perfectly, we must know what is hidden behind this mask. This book is not only fascinating but also provides us with a lot of arguments for worldview and political discussions, often carried out in our country.


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