Me and Helen were at the same age. We lived several kilometers away from each other. We met during the Foot Pilgrimage from Cracow to Jasna Góra in 2008. We were walking as the so-called music pilgrims. It had not been the first pilgrimage for her – for me it had and it was significant for me because my intention was my own conversion. A lot of people, including her. She had attracted my attention from the very beginning. She was very engaged. The fact to serve others, came from her naturally. I do not remember her put away her guitar. After a whole day of walking, playing the guitar, singing, after a joyful evening and sacrosong, she was going to sleep still singing. For many years we spent a lot of time together. There were various situations. I had never seen a grimace of discontent on her face. What was surprising for me was that I had never heard her judging others. She was a kind of a person that when you saw her, not knowing anybody else, you felt needed and welcomed. She was really community-creative. She was my quiet inspiration for a mature Christian life. She was clear in behaviour, loving and courageous. And, surely, she was a saint to me.


„Niedziela” 06/2017

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