Altiero Spinelli became a member of the Italian Communist Party, at his still very young age. We might have never dealt with a mediocre communist, if it had not been for the fact that soon before the second world war he had a lot of time and it was not good for contemporary Europe….Interned on the Italian island Ventotene – together with Ernest Rossini – unfortunately, made ‘Manifest’ which became ‘a canonical magazine’ for all kinds of enthusiasts of creating one federalist country out of Europe. Reading the first sentences, one can see that I do not belong to enthusiasts of this idea and Mr. Altiero Spinelli is not in my group of important people. Indeed he isn’t.

Unfortunately, Mr. Spinelli – (died in 1986), is quietly chasing me after his death – like death in one of criminal stories of famous Joe Alex. Not mentioning that above the entrance to the main building of the European Parliament the surname of Spinelli was carved, the contemporary bureaucrats, filling in Brussels palaces from steel and glass, speak Spinelli’s language and undertake resolutions as if there were cut out of his templates of thinking. Even Donald Tusk, appearing inconspicuously in Brussels – probably unconsciously – repeats chants coming directly from the ‘Manifest of Ventotete’.

So, what did Spenili and his manifest postulate? Well, the Italian communist dreamt about creating a federalist country which would comprise the Old Continent and would reflect the Union of Specialist Soviet Republics, purified from famous ‘mistakes and distortions. The comrade Spinelli postulated creating common European military forces, common administrations and common ministries for all former countries of Europe. In order to achieve it, Spinelli demanded destroying the previous existing national countries.

The communist patron of today’s European Union and its elites was smarter than the first generations of the communists. He understood that it was possible to conquer countries, using bayonets, but it was impossible to govern them. So, Spinelli understood the mistake of Karol Marx and his vulgar (from the philosophical point of view) interpreter Włodzimierz L. Lenin. Violence cannot be used directly and shamelessly. Spinelli belonged to the Bolshevik generation, which decided to internalize violence. Where the first Bolshevik used to allocate guards to particular places, the communists from the Frankfurt school decided to introduce ‘an inner guard’.

A perfect discovery of Spinelli’s supporters was realizing the fact that the most effective method of controlling others is the inner control. So, they decided to create a society where its every member would have a build ‘automatic Security Officer’ in the form of programmed – by intensive training and popularized examples – awareness and its higher (in the opinion of the Bolsheviks) form: auto-censorship.

Spinelli’s dream was to destroy nations physically and also destroy the national idea, the idea of ‘nation’, his dream was to control the language to such an extent that some thoughts would be simply rejected, and the ideas which constituted human freedom earlier, would be reduced to the role of the inner ‘electric shepherd’. Spinellis dream was that Feliks Edmund Dzierżyński would get multiplied and enter the minds of most inhabitants of Europe to control them better than the best labour camps.

What is interesting, communists of the new – let’s call it: European – generation were not born on a stone, but on…. beds in prisons. Both – uncovered quite recently by the rightist party – Antonio Gramsci and Altiero Spinelli had their visions at the moments when they were sentenced to imprisonment.

If the ideas had remained only in the sphere of dreams of Mr. Spinelli, you would not be reading about them in my column today. Unfortunately, they became a fact and today ideological children of the Italian communism are trying to implement features of a super-country into the system, which – according to ‘Fathers the Founders’ – was to be the common space for trade and travelling. Unfortunately, the idea created by Christian democrats was - like Europe – kidnapped by cunning smugglers of Lenin. Today nobody speaks about euro-communism openly. And this is an idea which domineered the thinking of bureaucratic elites of a European country being created. Political correctness is created today on the basis of definitions and reflections of Mr. Altiero Spinelli. So, the inconspicuous Italian man became a patron of the new XXI-century future of the continent. This is thanks to, among the others, Spinelli, that today we are facing the alternative: either Europe will be one communized country, governed by the gender ideology and similar crazy things…or the territory of the Old Continent will be colonized by followers of Allah. Certainly, those – without any special reflection – will slit the throats of the euro-communists.


„Niedziela” 22/2017

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