A severely ill archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski, the chair of the Papal Council for Health Service and Pastoral Ministry for the Ill is in a clinic in Warsaw,. On 10 January 2015 priests and alumni were praying in the intention of the 66-year-old archbishop, during the Holy Mass in the chapel of the Seminary in Radom. The liturgy was presided over by the bishop of Radom Henryk Tomasik. The Holy Mass was attended by, among the others, bishop Adam Odzimek and prelate priest Albert Warso from the Vatican Faith Teaching Congregation. Bishop Henryk Tomasik informed priests and alumni about the health condition of archbishop Zimowski, the senior bishop of the diocese of Radom. – Archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski has had two operations in a clinic in Warsaw. We attach a prayer of supplication in his intention to our thanksgiving. At this moment his body is very weak. The Archbishop is in the ward of intensive medical care. We entrust his person to good God – bishop Tomasik said. He also passed a message with a request for a prayer: ‘The illness of the dear person is encouragement for spiritual unity and a prayer. I deeply ask reverend priests, people of consecrated life and you, dear sisters and brothers, to pray in the intention of the ill archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski’ – bishop Tomasik wrote. On 9 January he visited archbishop Zimowski in the clinic. He was accompanied by: Fr. Jacek Mizak, the former secretary of archbishop Zimowski, and Fr. Radosław Walerowicz, the director of the Educational-Charitable Centre ‘EMAUS’ in Turn near Białobrzegi.

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At Jasna Góra there is still a prayer for health recovery of archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski. At the time of the Jasna Góra Appeal Prayer, Archbishop Wacław Depo expresses his particular encouragement for spiritual support of the ill archbishop. On 7 January he mentioned, that last February archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski had visited hospitals and hospices in Częstochowa and Katowice on the occasion of the World Day of the Ill. – And later – the metropolitan of Częstochowa reminded – he was together with us a witness of the joy of Television Trwam which had been allowed for entering multiplex and he presided over our prayer. At that time he was saying about an unusual bridge of solidarity of a prayer, merciful love. And today he needs this bridge between the heaven and the earth from us, as he is after a difficult operation in Warsaw. Therefore, let’s pray so that he could serve to the Church and our Homeland as long as possible – archbishop Depo emphasized.

On 9 January 2015 the metropolitan of Częstochowa reminded during the Appeal Prayer at Jasna Góra that in October 2014 archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski had been one of participants of bishops’ synod about family. – Today – said archbishop Depo – he has a particular right for our prayer, for our entrustment, return to us, to work in the Church, while waiting for the grace of health,. Therefore, we want him to hear spiritually these words of St. John Paul II: ‘You are very in God’s hands’. And we are asking for it, for this victory of life.

On 11 January archbishop Depo , encouraging for a prayer in the intention of archbishop Zimowski, reminded about his article in ‘Our Journal’ about the important year in the Church. – Surely, he could not have supposed that his words about the Saint Polish Pope John Paul II, whom he called ‘saint grinded suffering’, refer directly to him, to his road of suffering – said the metropolitan of Częstochowa. He also quoted the words which archbishop Zimowski said to him before his operation: ‘Thank you for the words to Mary: ‘Tell my Son about us, about our difficult today, about our tomorrow’. I entrust Her, Mother of Częstochowa. She knows everything. I am calm’. Archbishop Depo said again to Our Lady about the illness of Archbishop.

In Poland, also in Vatican and in many places in the world prayers in the intention of severely ill archbishop Zygmunt Zimowski are taking place.



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