Now, on the August days of Uprising Warsaw it is worth giving such examples - Mr. Adam from Szczecin takes his whole family and goes to Warsaw, especially for the day of 1 August, in order to pay tribute at the war ‘W hour’ to heroes. ‘These are graves of excellent Poles there, Warsaw is a holy place. Here, in my beloved capital city I am following the bravest ones, their blood was absorbed here. Their bravery and honour are here, as well as their pain and suffering, everything for Poland. You, living here every day, do not appreciate that you work and live in an unusual place which is particular and holy. We travel across Poland with our children, in order to be here on 1 August every year.

In Warsaw I hear such statements on these days. Young people from Gdańsk, Irek and other friends of deceased Maria Fieldorf-Czarska, a daughter of the General Fieldorf, murdered in a communist prison after the war, arrive in Warsaw in a big group every year on 1 August. This is a kind of tradition among generations, faithful to fulfilling the testament of Mrs. Maria who showed them a way to the Crosses of Insurgents of Warsaw. Their presence, attitude do not only touch someone emotionally or bring pride, but do not allow for doubting in the strength of Poland, and give hope that we will get out of this hypocrisy and evil overwhelming us.

There is still a spiritual fight between the good and evil. The world is being polarized even more, those who are good, are becoming better people, and those who are bad, are getting into bigger evil which is getting worse – two poles – as it is described and reported nu scientists, observers of societies all over the world.

It depends on us in what direction Poland will go. Will we be able to resist any bad trends, will we reject silly, blind invitation and acceptance of the alleged modernity?

Are we able to save the national heritage of many-centuries history, based on Christian values? Will we be able to form our soul and our life in such a way, so as to give an example to our relatives and friends?

It may then interest others why we are making such effort, and we will impress on them and they will start following us.

The fight against evil is difficult because this is the evil which is triumphing and is omnipresent in mass media, attractive for politicians, journalists, giving them a lot of money and popularity very quickly.

Evil is influencing even those who would seem to understand perfectly what is going on. However, what is strong is desire of gaining popularity and, therefore, the race against evil is still taking place, changing the truth into a lie, the good into evil. Therefore, examples of beautiful life are so important, which are rarely mentioned on mass media, as they are not very convenient for many decision-makers. John Paul II used to tell young people to be courageous to go against trends, regardless of fashion or examples imposed on them: ‘Ask Jesus every day what task He gives to you today and tomorrow. Change your soul, be courageous and strong, do not be afraid of going against trends’.

August anniversaries in Warsaw allow us to believe that also today there are courageous people who are following the direction of those who gave the example of their lives, that is, how to really love God and Homeland.


„Niedziela” 32/2015

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