Poland will save Europe

Milena Kindziuk talks to Dr Allan C. Carlson, President of The Howard Center for Family, Religion, Society', Secretary General and founder of the World Congresses of Families.

MILENA KINDZIUK: - Do you believe in family?

DR ALLAN C. CARLSON: - Of course. Natural family is the foundation of our culture and civilisation. This is also the foundation of every nation. But today one can see actions that weaken the natural family and aim at its destruction.

- For example?

- These are economic actions, which cause troubles for family and make both parents work to earn their living. There are also actions to limit the population of the world. Besides most socialising movements aim at weakening families.

- Can such initiatives as the World Congresses of Families prevent that?

- For sure, they can make families speak loudly and more people can hear their views.

- And what is the main aim of the International Congress of Families in Warsaw?

- The natural family needs strong international support. We want this Congress to give this support. It will also be an occasion to learn from one another. We, people coming from the United States, must learn how you fight for family in Europe; we want to create a network of collaboration so that our work is more effective for the cause of families. We can work out new concepts to help families.

- But some say that this is only theorizing and in fact these Congresses of Families do not change anything. People meet, talk and the results are dubious. What would you say to that?

- I do not agree with this opinion. I remember the representatives from Mexico coming to the Congress of Families in Geneva in 1999. When they returned to their country they created a powerful Mexican organisation, which became an important political power in Mexico. Another example: in Ireland a network of pro-life organisations was created after the Congress of Families. The group in Russia has also created several new non-governmental organisations - lobbing for the cause of families, and they encourage their government to support families. One can give more and more examples. So one cannot say that the Congresses of Families are not fruitful. I hope that after this Congress in Warsaw similar mechanisms will be created in other countries and there will be new initiatives for families. I would like to thank you, Poles, for the courage to support family in the European Union.

- Right, speaking about the European Union Ellen Sauerbrey, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State, was severely attacked for her participation in the Congress of Families in Warsaw. The members of the European Parliament tell her that she should not take part in this Congress. Where does such pressure come from?

- These are 'left wing' ideas of people who oppose any religion and who want to eliminate religion from society. And if they do not want religion they do not any traditional family. Poland has become a special target for this group, a special object of attacks since you by nature are very religious. In my opinion Poland can save Europe today.

- In what sense?

- In the same sense you have done so far. Poland saved Europe many times in the past. You were almost alone to maintain strong families and strong faith in your society. Although you experienced strong pressure to change that you did not yield. Therefore, I think that Poland will save the secularised Europe today. I mean Poles and your governmental structures that show concern for family crisis. So do your religious leaders. You can be a lighthouse for entire Europe. That was the reason we chose Poland as the place of the Congress of Families.

"Niedziela" 19/2007

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