Are we facing the threat of a war against Christianity?

Fr Marek Luczak

Atheism - besides faith or agnosticism - belongs to the natural conditions that, as consequences of people's choices, have characterised people since the beginning. However, one can observe the so-called militant atheism that does not stand Christianity. Its cradle was once post-revolutionary France with its ideological background of the Enlightenment, and today we can expect the most dangerous blows from Spain that the Polish social-democrats have looked at like it was a god.

Iberian lesson

Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has shown hostility towards the Catholic Church, which he proved by introducing the bills concerning same-sex marriages, express divorces or reform of the abortion bill - abortion is legal. Fortunately, the leader of the opposition party - People's Party, Mariano Rajoy promised to annul the abortion bill, introduced by the present socialist government of Prime Minister Zapatero if he won the election. But the election will be held only next year. Although the abortion bill existed there from 1985, in July 2010 its liberation was put into practice. Although over one million signatures against 'any abortion bill' were sent to the Parliament the politicians agreed to allow abortion on demand up until the 14th week of pregnancy and also 16 or 17 year old girls can demand abortion without their parents' consents. In Spain abortion can be conducted even till the 22nd week of pregnancy if two doctors confirm that there is a serious risk of the mother's heath or a risk of the child's deformation. Abortion can also be conducted after the 22nd week when the doctors say that the deformed child cannot live or that the child suffers from a serious or terminal disease.
It is also worth looking at the Spanish lessons of civic education. The aim of this educational initiative is to teach children 'critical evaluation of the social and sex divisions' concerning, for example homophobic prejudices in the society and models of sexual behaviours. According to the pro-family organisations and the Church it means indoctrination of pupils about homosexual ideology or permissibility of abortion, contrary to the Christian view. In 2009, the Supreme Court stated that parents did not have the right to refuse sending their children to the lessons of civic education.

Polish left-wing learns from the Spanish left

The leaders of the Polish political scene have followed the example of the government of Prime Minister Zapatero many times. The most fervent follower is the head of SLD Grzegorz Napieralski. What should modernity look like according to the Democratic Left Alliance? As the resolution of the Fourth Congress of SLD states contraceptives and in-vitro fertilisation costs must be refunded and abortion is to be practically conducted on demand. The possible discussion on this subject reveals a difficulty because one cannot convince people believing in different values to that resolution. However, the problem is that as for the defend of human life one should expect the same views since recognising life as a value does not flow from the revelation but is a universal value. Therefore, people living at any place in the world or in any time have always known that life should be defended. 'Modern' left-wing is naturally of a different opinion.
As far as the refunding is concerned, it is hard to believe that in a poor country, and Poland is poor, someone can conceive such an idea. How can one imagine refunding contraceptives and in vitro fertilisation costs if we lack money for basic health care? People are dying from cancer because we cannot afford proper therapies and someone comes up with this idea! Even if we assumed pluralism of our society and did not demand a ban on in vitro fertilisation (which naturally is unconceivable considering the respect for life) how can one come up with the idea of additional expenses from the Social Insurance Institution? Money on extra finances must come from somewhere. What thinking do the left-wing politicians follow and where is their leftist sensitivity to poverty?

Dialectical thinking

The identity of the left-wing party is being deformed and one cannot see in their slogans even the slightest signs of their former 'concern' for those in need. The left-wing activists use the same language about economy as the liberals. What would be the difference between the left-wing party and for example, the Civic Platform? What rhetoric must it use to win the electoral niche? Unfortunately, it is believers that must take the blows. Religion - according to some ideologists - is still an opium for people. Since where was the idea of removing religious symbols from public building and ceremonies taken from? Where from do they conceive the idea of removing religious instruction lessons from schools?
Gentlemen, control yourselves! Religious freedom is the possibility to manifest one's convictions. Consequently, in those places where Catholics live and work they have the right to put a cross on the wall if they wish that. Whether someone likes it or not - this is freedom. In places where Jews or Muslims live and work they have the right to put the signs referring to their identities since it is their freedom. State does not belong to anyone, so do not create looks that your demands free them from the domination of anyone's option. Don't you understand that if your conception was adopted it would mean the hegemony of the left-wing party? You want to forbid hanging crosses on the wall but we only want to be allowed to do that. If there are no Catholics in some hospital we do not demand to hang a cross in such an institution. But you want to impose your rights on others. But it is not what freedom and tolerance are about.
If someone thinks that there exits an ideologically neutral state he is wrong. Or if there exits a pluralistic or leftist state and its antithesis would be a religious state. However, the problem is that we propose such a state in which both Catholics and non-believers use their freedom. How can you then demand to eliminate priests from state funerals? Nobody prevents you from inviting a secular master of ceremony if you bury some representative of your option. So let us use our freedom, too.
The Polish traditions do not come from the same stem as those of other states and nations. The presence of Christianity in the state ritual has been in Poland for over one thousand years. An attempt to betray this tradition is at least artificial and surely, it is against the historical truth, and is harmful.

"Niedziela" 23/2011

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