Fr. Stanisław Tomoń OSPPE, Fr. Mariusz Frukacz

A jubilee thanksgiving Holy Mass was celebrated in the intention of Fr. dr. Jerzy Tomziński, the oldest Pauline Father, who on 24 November reached the age of 95. On 4 December in the Chapel of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady, the Eucharist was presided over by Fr. Ryszard Umański, an assistant of the Częstochowa department 'Civitas Christian' - Father Jerzy, we thank for love, for the example, for the beautiful example of love to God's Mother and to our Homeland - he said in the beginning of the Eucharist.

The Holy Mass was co-celebrated by: Fr. Izydor Matuszewski - Father the General of the Pauline Order, Fr. Piotr Polek - the Definitor the General of the Order, Fr. Jan Pach - the director of Jasna Góra Library of Mary, Fr. Józef Płatek - the former General of the Order, Fr. Eustachy Rakoczy - the Jasna Góra chaplain of Soldiers of Independence, Fr. Melchior Królik - the archivist at Jasna Góra. There were also representatives of the Catholic Weekly 'Niedziela':the chief editor Fr. inf. Ireneusz Skubiś, and his deputies: editor Lidia Dudkiewicz and Fr. editor Mariusz Frukacz. Fr. Skubiś was speaking in the sermon: We are impressed by the personality of the revered Jubilat, we have known him for years and admire wisdom, moderation, gentleness, prudence and many other beautiful virtues.

These are virtues of a priest, monk and also virtues of a statesman. The biography of Fr. Jerzy has great signs of difficult times for Homeland. At the times of communism, being supported by the great primate cardinal Stefan Wyszyński, he was managing the monastery Jasna Góra as the man of Our Lady. The fortress of Mary's pastoral ministry. The fortress was basing pastoral ministry on the throne of the Queen of Poland - continued Fr. Skubiś. He noted that Fr. Tomziński could read out signs of time.

At the end of the Holy Mass Fr. Jerzy Tomziński confessed: - How can we thank God who is infinitely good, merciful and full of goodness for all graces? How can we thank Our Lady with angels, with all the Saints?....There remains only desire to sing in the eternity: 'Glory to Father and Son and the Holy Spirit'. The Jubilat thanked all guests for their presence and prayer.

After the Holy Mass in the Department of the Catholic Association 'Civitas Christiana' in Częstochowa there was an occasional meeting. Fr. Tomziński presented history of the Jasna Góra Appeal Prayer, whose 60th anniversary of existence was on 8 December 2013. He was this kind of a monk who proclaimed 60 years ago that the will of the imprisoned primate of Poland Cardinal Stefan Wyszyńki was that Poles would pray to Our Lady every day at 9 p.m. in unity with Jasna Góra. On 8 December 1953 Fr. Tomziński, as the prior of Jasna Góra, presided over the first historical the Appeal Prayer at Jasna Góra in the Chapel of the Miraculous Image of Our Lady, in a group of five people, in unity with thousands of believers gathered at Jasna Góra.

- It was Fr. Jerzy Tomziński who brought our association to Jasna Góra, so that we could be close to Mary - said Izabella Tyras, the chairman of the Council of Częstochowa Catholic Department of the Association 'Civitas Christiana'. Whereas editor Lidia Dudkiewicz was speaking about relationships of Fr. Tomziński with 'Niedziela'. - We have always used the great spiritual and intellectual richness of Fr. Jerzy who belonged to the editorial team of 'Niedziela', after its renewal in 1981. He is a treasure of knowledge about Jasna Góra and Poland, an unusual witness of history of the last decades - she said.

- Fr. Jerzy is a man of great faith and humility - added Fr. Jan Pach, a Pauline Father from Jasna Góra. Also the representatives of district branches of the Catholic Association 'Civitas Christiana' spoke, as well as the President of the Management Maciej Szepietowski. The Father Jubilat received congratulation letters from MPs of the Law and Justice party: Jadwiga Wiśniewska and Szymon Giżyński as well as a commemorative album prepared by the Catholic Association 'Civitas Christiana'. Among the birthday guests there were also representatives of the Primate Institute of Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński. The participants of the meeting also watches a performance of pupils of the Primary School name A little insurgent in Częstochowa. Certainly, there was also a birthday cake.

The jubilee was prepared by Częstochowa department Catholic Association 'Civitas Christiana' with the chairman Izabela Tyras at the helm.


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