From the moment of the miraculous healing, he has still got a question in his mind: what does God want from him? After all, there must be a purpose of what has happened.

Healed Francois does not look like his age of 58. Neither like a man after such a severe illness. He lives with his wife in Certeil near Paris, in his own house with a garden and oaks.

He worked for an insurance company. – In May 2001 we bought a ground for building a house – he mentions. – I thanked God that I had found an area with oaks which I had really wanted to have. A few days later I found out that I was incurably ill. I was thinking deeply what God wanted to tell me. I received a great grace of trustfulness. I was under treatment in hospital and during breaks I worked as a crazy man, I was finishing building my house. I had great trustfulness. I do not know how but it accompanied me all the time. Even when I had worse and worse medical results, I sang a charismatic song in mind: ‘Be joyful all the time, pray all the time! Thank all the time because this is God’s will in Jesus Christ towards you’.

It was a difficult time for him, because he was under treatment all the time. Treatments, chemo-therapy, stay in hospitals belonged to everyday life. And, finally, he realized the fact that the end of his treatment had arrived. That he would not receive another dose of chemistry. Finally, he lost consciousness in hospital. He was transported to the hospital in Creteil, to the palliative ward. He hardly remembers anything from the last weeks because he was lying unconscious. Until the moment when he woke up.

– I do not know why it was just me who was healed, not anybody else? – says Francois. – What does God want to say? It is a significant question. There must be its purpose. It is not easy to understand this all. I know many people who are fighting with their illnesses, pray in the same way, believe, but they have not been given a chance to get healthy. I am still thinking about others, about the ill. My illness taught me to be humble and trustful.


„Niedziela” 38/2014

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