Mirosław Piotrowski

Well, the British foreign minister Jeremy Hunt compared the European Union to the Soviet Union. In the European Parliament the chief of the biggest political group called (ha, ha…) the Christian Democrats, Manfred Weber was shaking from indignation. The state of the political delirium went on to the chief of the liberals Guy Verhofstadt. He said that Hunt had sinned and insulted a lot of people living in the soviet system. Well, not so quickly, he did not insult me, as a matter of fact, although I had lived in this system, too. The German Christian Democrat Weber was not so enthusiastic. He only quoted the former Polish minister Radosław Sikorski, who proved that in the EU there were any gulags, or the Red Army, or any repressions. OK, as for the two first examples, we can say that considering repressions, they are here. They only took on different forms. Anyway, wanting to remain in the EU comparative trend yet, it would be a sin to omit the clearest similarities of the EU and the USSR. It was in the USSR that posts of commissioners were introduced. The political ones! The European Union took over this oxymoron, that is, progressing tradition. Who are Jean-Claude Juncker and Frans Timmermans? These are commissioners of the European Commission. The political ones, as Juncker emphasized in the beginning of his cadency. The first chairperson of the People’s Commissioners Council was Włodzimierz Lenin. The USSR was a country of councils – councils of workers, councils of delegates, etc. briefly speaking the soviet system! And what do we have in our Union? The European Council, the Council of the European Union….Isn’t it the soviet system? And don’t implements sanctions towards Poland, Hungary, or maybe even Romania, Bulgaria, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and other countries resemble a doctrine of the first secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers’ Party Leonid Breżniew? After all this thesis has been promoted for a long time by one of British MEPs.

And if we refer to the USSR, or as it is written at present – to the Soviet Union, we should recall what it was in Russian: Sowieckij Sojuz. And the European Union in Russian? It is Jewropejskij Sojuz. When outraged Verhofstadt was an inspirer of establishing a group in the European Parliament, in whose name he placed the surname of the Italian communist Spinelli, we reached the point. The European point. Recently, the commissioner Juncker has paid tributes to Karol Marx on behalf of us. On the 200th anniversary of his birth. He even made a speech as Marx was a great philosopher for him. And returning to the EU indignation, it must be registered. It was. Surely, unholy but dialectic. It means – like during the past communist times….

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 41/2018 (14 X 2018)

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