Christian democrats anti-Christian democrats?

Mirosław Piotrowski

The purpose of the whole action is clear: Bringing back the Christian way of thinking about Europe. This formulation of the main animator of the movement – Fr. Inf. Ireneusz Skubiś. For Christianity – as the editor-in-chief of ‘Niedziela’ Lidia Dudkiewicz – is ‘a genetic code’ of Europe. This is an objective truth, historically proven. So, why aren’t there any references to it in the most important documents of the European Union and in the Polish constitution? This problem was discussed in Lublin by a constitutionalist prof. Dariusz Dudek. Whereas Fr. Prof. Józef Krukowski rightly noticed that in EU documents Christian formulations were used but they were filled with anti-Christian content, ergo their meaning was changed. Mariusz Książek from ‘Niedziela’ alarmed about serious problems and obstacles caused against truly Christian contents in European online instant messaging. In the context of what he said about the word ‘censorship’ took on a new and more progressive meaning. Among a few dozen lectures there was also mine. I was speaking about Christian symbolism which is systematically eliminated from the public space of the European Union. I also quoted words of archbishop Stanisław Gądecki which in fact referred to all pronouncements of speakers and as I think, the reason for which the ‘Europa Christi’ movement had been set up. And he said: ‘New elites are reducing the man to the animal state and religion means as much for them as vegetarianism’. He also said that ‘Europe is becoming a place of a soft version of totalitarianism’.

If it is so, it is worth asking the question publicly again, who those ‘elites’ are and where they come from. These are Christian democrats in the European Union. Its name includes the adjective ‘Christian’ or ‘people’s’ – the latter one does not mean ‘peasant’s’ but ‘Christian’ in Europe. The European People’s Party (EPP) is the biggest political formation in the European Parliament and European Union. It consists of: the German party called Christian and Democratic Union (CDU) of Angela Merkel and the Bavarian Christian-Social Union (CSU), the Belgian Christian-Social Party (CSP), the Swedish Christian Democrats (KD), the Dutch Christian-Democratic Appeal (CDA), and from Poland – the Civic Platform and the Polish Peasant Party. After all, it is the European Christian Democrats who hold the most important posts in the Union and these are its representatives who create the so-called European elite. It is years since the European media, mainly the German ones, which have been paying attention to departure of many leaders of this formation from Christian and social values and principles. I remind about it as the developing ‘Europa Christi’ movement, appearing more and more courageously on the social-political area, is going to face up not only socialistic, communistic and liberal formations, but, maybe, mainly the so-called Christian democrats.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 43/2018 (28 X 2018)

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