Witold Gadowski

During many author’s meetings readers often blamed me for not presenting good solutions or ways of getting round a crisis, although they agree with my diagnosis. In particular lots of opinions concerned media and lack of reasonable voice in these TV and radio stations which domineer in the Polish space. During a lot of talks in the United States there appeared an idea of setting up a Polish media platform.

It was how the idea of ‘Polish Home’ appeared, which is going to be broadcast under the domain: dompolski.tv. The idea which is accompanying the future activity of the new platform is building Polish way of thinking and Polish sensitivity. The motto which is accompanying the activity of ‘Home’ sounds: ‘All that is Polish’.

The platform is going to be available all over the world and is going to show what is important for most Poles. We are going to publish everything – under one condition: it is not allowed to violate values of Catholic religion or humiliate Poland. We will try to broadcast honest information, good journalism and films which are not available in any other place. There is also going to be real literature. We are also going to set up a new music channel broadcasting new Polish music which is not played in the main radio stations. Why isn’t good Polish music present in big radio and TV stations?

Here there are two filters. Firstly – there is collusion of the main companies which pay radio and TV stations for broadcasting only the songs of those singers who are promoted by them, usually for non-artistic reasons. Hence it is over thirty years since radio stations have been playing the same music and the same singers. Secondly – there is post-communist social key. Those are promoted who are accepted by the post-communist society. We are going to break these unhealthy mechanisms in order to show that Polish music is rich and interesting – much more interesting than playlists of the main radio stations.

It is going to be similar with literature at the ‘Polish Home’. The Polish books market has been dominated by companies and publishers who have very little in common with sensitivity to literature. A lot of authors – and a lot of books – are disappearing in depths of ‘free market’, drowned by ‘authors’ promoted by media dependent on German capital and George Soros. This state should be broken as soon as possible, if we want to save Polish culture. The ‘Polish Home’ is going to show and promote everything which is not liked by jury, for example, a very promoted – but spreading only anti-Polish songs – the ‘Nike’ award. Polish literature is more interesting and excellent than imaginaries of Adam Michnik. We we will try to show the most valuable works in an interesting and attractive way which are on our publishing market. We are going to devote a lot of space to real Polish culture as it will not be possible to rebuild Polish elite without culture.

After some time in the ‘Polish Home’ there will appear a valuable theatre, art works and other works, which are worth noting. We are going to devote a lot of space to such prominent creators as an acknowledged sculptor in the USA Andrzej Pityński, an author of significant monuments.

We are also going to aim at renewing Polish journalism. In the ‘Polish Home’ there will be space for young people who will overcome today’s collapse of media through their honest attitudes and care about standards of journalistic mission. News in the ‘Polish Home’ will be real, reliably reported and honest. Comments will be clearly separated from the content of information. It is very little but, anyway, a lot as for standards of most media present on the Polish market.

We are going to start production of valuable documentaries and reports which will show the world in which we live. Another, but an extremely important area, which will have a place in the ‘Polish Home’, is religion. Here we will try to publish statements and interviews with the most charismatic Polish priests and preachers. We are going to report on the most important events of the Polish life of Church. What is valuable and important for Polish catholics will have its place in the ‘Polish Home’.

Someone will say: No, you advertise your new project here, that you will succeed and that it is just your portal which will be different than others? It will happen for a few reasons. Firstly – the idea is appearing from zero. We do not have much money or support or money from big companies. We do not receive money from public institutions and we are not going to use any ‘EU” means. For, there is no lunch ‘for free’ and it is later necessary to do some services for all donations and ‘grants’, but we want to be completely free and Polish.

Well, such an ambitiously outlined idea should be financed, so how do you imagine it? We are going to create ‘Polish Home’ for money of….Poles. I know that first there must be a particular idea, and later – if it is a sincere idea – there will be money for its realization. It is so with a popular documentary made by me ‘Saints from the Nineve valley’. The lion’s part of this budget has already been collected and comes only from the ‘Polish widow’s penny’. It is going to be similar with the ‘Polish Home’ – if it is needed by Poles, there will be some means. A guarantee of this success are expectations of implementers. We want to be very ambitious in the content and reserved in spending money. My team has learnt to work in Spartan conditions, but these conditions are not seen in realized reports or films made by me. It is also going to be so with media platform. I know my cooperators and I know what they are able to do.

It must be successful. It will be successful because the Polish community needs it. This is, certainly, a bold belief but I base it not on my whim, but on what I was listening to during meetings in Poland, Europe and in the United States. Everywhere one can hear a call for real Polish media platform. If nobody has created so far, I am going to deal with it, being obliged by a voice of thousand people with whom I met. This is just audience of my meetings who created this project, and I am only humbly trying to implement tips of my viewers, readers and listeners. You will say: Well, you are not humble in advertising your new venture. And it would be so if it was not for the fact that the new initiative is for everybody and everyone can get engaged in it. This is the specifics of the ‘Polish Home’. It is going to be home for everybody who respect faith in Jesus Christ and love Poland. Only this kind of conditions will build the threshold of our new home and the more Poles will feel home in it, the bigger success of ours will be.

The ‘Polish Home’ will be for Poles living in Poland and those who live abroad. It will be a good home for Polish news, opinions, discussions and artistic works. The more you feel home in it, the bigger success of yours will be.

The great event which will be at the ‘Polish Home’ will be reported on in details, and it is ‘The First March of Life of Poles and Polish Diaspora’ which I organize on 14 August 2019 – on the anniversary of death of St. Maksymilian Kolbe. In reflection we are going through the concentration camp Auschwitz. Concluding from the response to this idea, it will be a great event – the most important one for the ‘Polish Home’.

Translated by Aneta Amrozik

Niedziela 12/2019 (24 III 2019)

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